Tom Tom Wolzien Chairman, Founder

Tom Wolzien is the creator of TalkCenterAmerica and the inventor of the Video Call Center’s enabling technology (Patent 8,767,031). Tom is a 45 year veteran of television news, network management and Wall Street. More at

Larry Larry Thaler CEO

Larry joined the VCC team full-time in late 2015 after guiding business strategy and technical development as the company’s senior advisor for more than two years.

Tom Tom Porpiglia Production Manager

Tom P is the Production Manager for the Video Call Center, in charge of production workflow between clients and the VCC.

Will Will Milne Manager of Software Development

Will is the Software Development Manager at the VCC.

Jonni-Lynn Jonni-Lynn Galietti Producer

Jonni is a multi-faceted producer.

Jaclyn Jaclyn Lennon Marketing & Admin. Manager

Jaclyn Manages the internal & external marketing strategies for The VCC.

Matthias Matthias Graf Audio & Systems Engineer

Matt configures all circuitry for The VCC. He advanced our audio from SD to High Definition.

Diane Diane Dimond Senior Advisor & On-Air Host

Seth Seth Shapiro Network Engineer

Seth configures all Networking for The VCC.