Smartphones Make Smart Television®
The Video Call Center’s Three Product Lines

Reliable Remotes

By Smartphone

VCC enables reliable remotes from about any of the world’s 4-billion smartphones through a combination of patented processes and expert “call producing.”  VCC enables a producer to go about anywhere in her/his contact list for high-quality live remotes for video programs on the web, social media, cable or broadcast TV, without crews, travel, or remote equipment.  

Every remote contributor receives a hyper-low latency video return feed and IFB mix-minus, to permit real-time back & forth discussion with the studio.  VCC uses video apps already on the phones of contributors.  No downloads are needed–speeding connections and reducing confusion.

VCC has put nearly 7000 video calls on the air for global web services, national and regional cable networks, syndicated shows, and television stations.  Its clients include the largest media companies and professional sports organizations.


Managing Remote


VCC’s Caller Queue® opens the door for viewers to join large scale video call-in programs under careful curation by the show’s producers. This show-branded waiting area lets potential show participants watch the program while they are filtered, sorted and pre-screened.  

Powered by AWS, there are virtually no limits to the number of video callers who can express their interest in joining the show.  And all the time, the video callers are getting a branded backstage experience where they not only watch the production live but also can use VCC’s social amplification tools to promote their upcoming participation.

Special tools get first video from VIPs in about 20 seconds.




VCC’s HAT®, host automation technology, lets producers create an entire, broadcast quality program without a conventional control room.  Like a self-driving car, HAT lets the host drive the whole show including remotes, clips, graphics, lower thirds, bumps and spots, all while being able to look at the camera.  Alternatively, the host’s producer can drive all or part of the program.

VCC has a suite of supporting production tools including Show Creator for pre-show cloud-based show construction, caller-entered lower thirds, heads-up display, and remote hosting options from anywhere with a decent broadband signal.

Our clients speak for themselves

  • I truly appreciate the efforts of your team all summer long, the show was successful in part to the efforts and tremendous cooperation of your team. The VCC team was wonderful throughout! We’ve had so much great feedback from our Production group about how great the team was to work with. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

    Gerard Passaro, SVP Network & Technical Operations MSG Networks
  • "We were blown away by VCC's capabilities." "A true game-changer"

    Jason Walsh, Executive Producer Fox Sports Southwest
  • “The Chatting Cage has been on in various forms for several years... The VCC platform along with the helpfulness and experience of their call production team has made this the best iteration yet. The result is a completely unique opportunity to grow the connection between MLB and its fans.”

    Chris Lundberg, Senior Coordinating Producer for
  • “[VCC's] reliable IP video call technology means hosts and cast members can stay in the moment for an extended period regardless of location, which allows them to really open up without technology distractions getting in the way. With VCC we’re now able to do shows that were impossible in the past due to cost and logistics. It has been a great, collaborative experience and we look forward to what’s next.”

    Mike Granowsky, VP of Post Production Sharp Entertainment
  • "I think it is very telling that VCC has become such an integrated part of the [Daily Blast Live] workflow that the talent are calling out the technology is a key component of their content strategy. They also attested to the fact that VCC was far better than any of the competitors."

    Ed Busby, SVP Strategy TEGNA
  • "Every content provider has been trying to crack the code in developing social media based, formatted programs.... the VCC has developed the technology and the specialized production expertise to break through with that programming.”

    Joe Townley, COO, MY Entertainment MY Entertainmnt
  • The VCC solution fades into the background during production, keeping the cast’s focus on content and not technology. The result is a uniquely immersive experience that allows for the extended conversation needed to allow the most riveting content to emerge naturally

    Matt Sharp, CEO and Founder, Sharp Entertainment Sharp Entertainment
  • We had the challenge of our cast being across the globe and the VCC provided us with a great solution. The reliability of the VCC enables cast members to be fully engaged without the technical disruptions that are so common when video calls appear on TV. We were impressed by the VCC’s quality and professionalism

    Scott Lewers, SVP, Multi-platform Programming & Digital Content, TLC TLC
  • Working with The VCC has been incredibly easy. They guided us through their innovative process with complete transparency and provided many creative options for us to choose from. The VCC somehow makes it all look easy and the system’s reliability ensures that we look great.

    TC Conway, Director, Innovative Experiences and Innovation Discovery Communications
  • The VCC solution delivers, it makes viewers part of the show, with the unique opportunity to see themselves on air, have intimate interactions with their favorite stars, share their enthusiasm with their own social media circles, and do this all while providing our team with the editorial control needed to bring this live segment to air with confidence

    Mary Clare Baquet, VP Creative & Production, The Agency Discovery Communications
  • TEGNA was an early adopter of the VCC and we are excited to work with them on DBL. Their innovative technology offers our production team numerous options to create an ever-changing and dynamic live program every day.

    Bob Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Programming TEGNA
  • Thanks for all you do! It's a blast!

    Sharon Levy, Technical Operations Manager TEGNA, Daily Blast Live
  • Thanks guys, what a professional and awesome team!

    Joanne Azern, Executive Producer Sharp Entertainment
  • So great working with you! Thanks for performing miracles in such a short amount of time!

    Amy Bonezzi, Executive Producer Sharp Entertainment
  • Thanks so much for everything, Larry Jonni-Lynn and team. It came out so much better than I ever imagined.

    Steve Werner, Line Producer Sharp Entertainment
  • The VCC team is among the best I've worked with in the industry, it's a pleasure to work with them.

    Emily Raiber, Producer, "Love 911" Fox Television Stations
  • "The pleasure was all ours. You and your team are a joy to work with and I look forward to future endeavors with VCC. "

    Lee Bowen, Technical Supervisor Dish Nation
  • “Wetpaint thrives on innovating. That is what makes the Video Call Center an exciting partner as we grow [our] live programming lineup - - to flip the script on entertainment TV, putting fans on air, no matter where they are, alongside their favorite bloggers and celebrities.”

    Birame Sock, President & COO Wetpaint
  • “My experience on OMGossip: I had the time of my life. I’ve been a guest on other people’s television shows, but I told Jeremy It was the most fun I’ve ever had on somebody else’s show. I mean, unbelievable.”

    Donna Drake Live it up
  • “We believe this digital technology will foster innovation in the area of live, interactive programming across multiple platforms. This forward-thinking partnership positions us well digitally, and in the future, as the VCC seamlessly combines social media, television and the web to maximize viewer engagement.”

    Dave Lougee, President and CEO, TEGNA TEGNA Media
  • The VCC application should prove interesting with political fare. "The cable networks have enjoyed a lot of success with the debates, so tapping into the political campaigns makes a lot of sense. Why not see how viewers respond and get some eyeballs. Advertisers have not been shy about positioning themselves with the debates."

    Brad Adgate Horizon Media
  • VCC is another great example of how broadcasters are leveraging new technologies to gather more types of content. It really challenges the traditional ways of contributing live content, and we’re proud to power the solution with our video streaming products.

    Peter Maag Haivision
  • We have to continually find ways to improve and innovate to meet the changing needs of our audiences. Using the VCC platform, we are able to produce original, interactive programming. We are excited about this technology and look forward to rolling it out to other Tegna Media stations

    Dave Lougee, President and CEO, TEGNA Tegna
  • A special thanks to the VCC production team did an amazing job to make us all shine…thank you Video Call Center Team!

    Christine Stoffel, CEO & Founder, SEAT Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology


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Proven Success Across Cable Networks, Syndication, TV Stations & Digital

Some VCC Statistics

Experience: Hundreds of live programs, thousands of callers — makes The Video Call Center the expert in live contribution via IP.

Show Topics

Shows Completed

Live Remotes

% On-Air Reliability

A Game Changer for the Industry

Show Producer

Sports, News, or Entertainment.  With VCC, remote participants in programming is  limited only by the depth of a contact list.  Anyone, anywhere can be a participant.  Producers are freed from needing desk resources and travel time constraints.  

Finance Chief

With fragmenting revenues the challenge is cost averaging down.  Whether trying to reduce the average cost per remote, or per show, VCC’s flat rate, all you can eat approach controls costs to make your operation more efficient.  Eliminating crew and travel costs are just the beginning.  The need for field equipment is eliminated, and services are available without capital outlays.

Transmission Manager

Think a fiber line from everywhere.  Terminal equipment, staffing, QC not for one remote, but many, all in one flat rate booking.  AND it is on the right side of the 5G transition.

Desk Editor

In this era of limited resources, VCC lets you put your crews where you really need them, where their creativity will shine.  Let VCC set up the interviews for live shots or pre-recorded inserts.  And when news breaks and you’re out of position, VCC gets people who are there on the air before the crew can show up.

Segment Producer

Need sound from a person in China, or Australia, or Europe, or Africa, or Latin America, or across town to round out your story?  Get it fast with VCC.  Do the interview yourself, or have your reporter do it even from the road, then cut it into your package.  No crew, just you.

Show Developer

With VCC Host Automation Technology HAT® not only do you save on remote operations, you save on the traditional in-studio production process.  With hosts or producers running the show, even from remote locations, you don’t need either control rooms or studios.

Network or Corporate Chief

VCC allows you to overcome the inertia of a half century of embedded production approaches for news, sports, and entertainment.  Ask yourself why the organization continues to operate with the same production workflows, same field staffing needs, and the same arguments that bigger budgets are needed even when the revenues don’t allow them. VCC has answers to accomplish  high-quality production significantly more efficiently than what has been done before.

VCC takes reliable smartphone remotes to air from anybody, anywhere.  The results are a game changer for the industry and reflect differening benefits for everyone. 

Wherever your role, VCC offers the coverage options, speed, efficiency, and reliability essential for the real-world of tomorrow.