Jason Walsh

Executive Producer, Bally Sports Southwest
"We were blown away by VCC's capabilities. A true game-changer."

Colin Cowherd

Host, The Herd with Colin Cowherd
"Don't even ask me how his phone has that good of a picture. We have cameras all around this studio worth millions of dollars. I should be talking into phones apparently. I don't even need cameras anymore for the TV show."

Kelly Clarkson

Host, The Kelly Clarkson Show
"We are actually the first to use their new CrowdView technology which is super cool. That means anyone watching from home can use their cellphone or laptop and be in our audience."

Maury Povich

Host, The Maury Show
"We want to thank our friends at VCC for making virtual magic."

Matt Sharp

CEO & Founder, Sharp Entertainment
"The VCC solution fades into the background during 90 Day Fiancé production, keeping the cast's focus on content and not technology. Allowing the most riveting content to emerge naturally."

Whit Albohm

SVP of Production, FS1
“The best technologies make a show better for the audience and the production team and the VCC does that remarkably well."

Scott Lewers

SVP Multi-Platform Strategy, TLC
“We had the challenge of our cast being across the globe and the VCC provided us with a great solution."

Your Choice of Remote Production Solutions

D-I-Y Video Remotes

AirFirst™ SaaS provides producers with do-it-yourself superior quality, lag-free on-demand workflows for high-speed, high-volume control of live remote contributors anywhere in the world. AirFirst supports multiple connection options allowing producers to easily, on the fly optimize any remote.

We Do It For You

Working with the AirFirst™ platform, VCC’s expert call producers mesh smoothly with your control room and production team to deliver optimized remotes from any device, anywhere. The VCC production services group works daily with some of the largest networks and producers, applying professional experience gained from bringing tens of thousands of IP video remotes to air.

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Granted Patent Claims
Tons of CO2 Saved (2021)


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