The VCC Interview with Broadcast Beat

Jerry Berger and Will Milne of the VCC were interviewed by Broadcast Beat at SMPTE this past week in Hollywood, CA. While attending SMPTE, Berger and Milne provided demonstrations of live caller management and host-control using our remote hosting technology. 

As Head of Business Development, Jerry Berger can often be found at Broadcast Technology conferences, introducing our tech and the subsequent new genre of television it created to other professionals in the field. Though you wouldn’t know from this interview, Will Milne is actually the creator of the HAT, our Host Automation Tool. Both gentlemen have been crucial to the success and growth of the VCC. 

Tom Wolzien Speaks at NextTV Summit

NextTV kicked off Television Week in Manhattan and our very own Tom Wolzien (Founder) was invited to speak on a panel. Joined by Hulu’s Noah Heller, Streaming Video Alliance’s Jason Thibeault and Float Left’s Kirby Grines, Tom talked about how smartphones are changing the landscape of television by turning it into a form of two-way communication. 


“Right now in our country, we have large groups of people who feel unheard and who don’t trust the media, take Trump supporters and Bernie Sanders’ supporters, just to name a few. If we don’t take them into consideration, we are all headed for peril.” 

The simplest way to gain the trust of an audience is to invite them to become a part of the content. Let them be heard, and let them engage with other people who are just like them. Traditional television that features an anchor talking at you does not fit the current social narrative.  If television does not adapt, it will not make it in the modern age. 

The VCC has been adapting and developing two way television since 2013. To date, we have launched over 360 hours of programs and have brought nearly 4,000 video callers, each a unique voice, live to air. 

As Wolzien said, we began solving the problem before anyone realized it existed. 


Find the VCC this week at SMPTE in Hollywood, VA and on November 9th & 10th at the NAB East show in New York, NY.

The VCC is named a Facebook Live Media Solutions Partner

We are very pleased to announce that this past Monday, Facebook has named VCC a “Facebook Live Media Solutions Provider.”  The Facebook team realized the value of the VCC’s ability to produce broadcast quality programs based upon video calls from smartphones.  

The VCC is one of just 20 companies vetting by Facebook to provide services.   More details will follow, but this happened after a vetting by experienced broadcast executives at Facebook – who were happy to find, in VCC, a group that understood real live television production and broadcast quality output after dealing with many web oriented offerings.

John Basedow at the co-host?

Last night on OMGOSS!P, host Jeremy Hassell was joined in the VCC studio by OMGOSS!P regular John Basedow. Basedow held down the co-host chair with his regular one-line zingers and had our staff, callers and viewers rolling in delight. Among his many one liners last night, Basedown taught us a new acronym, TT, which means ‘too through.’ When you are just fed up and ‘can’t take it no more’, you are TT.

While he was here, Basedow took it upon himself to lift up our staff. No really, he picked us up. 

As a man who loves to be ahead of the curve, Basedow gave our host controls (HAT) a whirl. Before we could even get the words out to tell him how it works, Basedow was bringing in callers and asking “hey, how do I pull up a three caller shot?” There are no baby steps with fitness master John Basedow. We’re honestly a little surprised he didn’t take over the host control mid-show. 

What would a Basedow visit be without the famous point? Before leaving, Basedow took a picture with our team and he gave his famous stoic look and really-personal-feeling point. John Basedow wants YOU… to call into OMGOSS!P. 

Uncle Basedow, please come back and visit soon!

Welcome Back to Will

Just a quick note to say welcome back to our own Will Milne, who was on vacation in Europe.   He returned to find his work-space tastefully decorated – – but despite the danger, he jumped back into the swing of things right away.

Will is the creator of the HAT system, the TOP HAT (Touchscreen) and the recent HAT on a PC product.  He also oversees the software development department.

I’d add the caption: CAUTION, BRILLIANCE AT WORK!




Remote Host on Laptop

I am very excited to announce that our tech team has met yet another huge milestone.  Our remote host system can now control a full production from just about anywhere, on just about any laptop.    We can now retrofit a customer’s laptop with a high-definition camera, custom control panel, a touch screen, a tally light, and of course our HAT software to permit control anywhere.  You add internet access, lighting, mic and headset – and you have an almost instant  full host position.   

The host can then not only select the callers on the show, but can roll opens and closes, bumpers, videos and still graphics, and perform all of the functions normally reserved for the broadcast host position.    Tally and our patented pre-tally system are all enabled, along with a heads up display showing the host all 8 callers, their topic information, program and the HAT automation system.

Our initial tests have been completed and I am pleased that the system passed it’s tests with flying colors.   Cannot wait to show it to our customers!



Last night marked TalkCenterAmerica’s fourth week in a row of using the Video Call Center’s Caller Queue technology. An infinite number of callers enter the queue to watch the live stream and await their chance to be on TV. The producer, who can see the Callers’ name, topic and location, decides who to send to a call computer for the chance to be approved or denied air time. 

OMGOSS!P (presented by TalkCenterAmerica) filtered through fourteen callers in a thirty minute show last night. Callers who were not suitable for the show (either due to content or presentation) were passed over to make room for callers who brought more “wow” factor to the broadcast.

Among OMGOSS!P’s guests last night were LGBT powerhouses TS Madison & Shauna Brooks and actor JustinRayne. The celebrities and OMGOSS!P regulars weighed in on the most scandalous trending topics, such as: Chris Brown’s most recent arrest; Rihanna, Britney Spears & Beyonce at the VMA’s; Logo’s Gay Bachelor & more! 


Disclaimer: Guests of OMGOSS!P are not limited to the human species. TalkCenterAmerica prides itself on taxonomic diversity.

To watch the full episode, head over to OMGOSSIP.TV

Taking Back Social TV

Taking Back Social TV

The term “Social TV” has been around for years.   According to Google “Social TV refers to technologies surrounding television that promote communication and social interaction related to program content.”  Wikipedia states, “Social television is the union of television and social media”.

In reality, it’s a term that has been misused, mishandled and misapplied. I think that it is time the industry got its collective hands around what exactly Social TV is.   But first, we need to acknowledge it’s troubled history, which according to Wikipedia includes such offerings as:

  • Having a host or celebrity in an “Orange (or other color) Room” tell you what is trending on Twitter right now.
  • Voting for the performer you like via text on American Idol
  • Showing a Facebook page showing what people “like” at the moment.
  • A side-bar showing moderated live tweets on the air

For the most part, it seems social TV has come to be defined as little more than a connection between what people are watching and what they “like” on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter or apply a hashtag to . This most interactive this iteration of social TV gets is when a program uses a graphic to display social media posts in real-time. In reality, that’s hardly an advance over the decade or older practice of airing text messages alongside music videos.

Is that what today’s audience, who live in a world that is actually social, want?

None of those are social. They are commentary, perhaps even falling into the category of social reporting.  That is not Social Television.   The only companies profiting (or getting promoted) in those scenarios are social media platforms, not the content providers producing the shows.

Maybe we can help make sense of this? According to Merriam-Webster, social is defined as “relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other.” With that in mind, I would propose that:

  • Social TV happens when thousands of people are interacting directly, in real-time, with the player of a live video game on Twitch.
  • Social TV is also what happens when fans appear on screen and actually engage in conversation with sports commentators and players, such as what we saw last year at KUSA.
  • And, Social TV happens when celebrities, an engaging host, and enthusiastic gossipers gather via Skype, Facebook Live, Google, Gruveo, from wherever they are, using whatever device is handy, to discuss fashion, relationships, and behind the scenes drama.

It’s time to stop abusing Social TV. It has a real meaning and is only now becoming a reality.


Weekend Gossip Recap

This weekend in Gossip news:

  • Mariah Carey denies ever throwing shade a former co-host Nicki Minaj– do you buy it?
  • Britney makes a come back with a killer prank on Jimmy Kimmel and a topless pic?!
  • A new rumor emerges– are Blake and Gwen getting married? 
  • Ariana Grande takes down the house at ABC’s Greatest Hits with her powerhouse tribute to Whitney. Watch it here.

All this and more on this week’s OMGOSS!P. 

As always, tune in to @ 9PM EDT to find out which of these stories make the cut and which are knocked aside by more breaking gossip. Follow @OMGossipTCA to stay in the gossip-loop between shows and to vote! Which stories should we cover this week?

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Weekend Gossip Teaser

This weekend in celebrity news:

Khloe Kardashian gets slammed for being too skinny. Are people being unnecessarily harsh because Khloe’s trademark is being a thick woman, or she really just too thin?

Caitlyn Jenner is spotted with a mystery man. Is she finally dating!?

The Beehive is being accused of hacking Becky with the good hair‘s google and iCloud account. Did they do it? LAPD are investigating. 

In Taylor Swift news, Brittney Spears sends some serious shade when she says in an interview that she’s “never met Taylor before”, totally ignoring the photographic evidence of the pair meeting in 2008 at the VMA’s. Whoops. Sounds like Brittney Spears has the same memory as Mariah, who also casually forgets meeting other powerhouses (J-Lo, who?). 

Lea Michele poses nude to declare her self love and acceptance to the world. Lea, who hasn’t had the easiest run these past couple of years after the tragic death of her longterm boyfriend, looks great and sounds great. Keep it up, Lea.  

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