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VCC Segues to Digital Audio

Last night VCC made a huge leap…by making something much, much smaller (and, of course, much, much better).  For the first time VCC used its brand new digital audio system on its flagship programs, Fan Jam and OMG. Let me explain why we are so excited.

The audio and communications processing VCC provides for multiple hosts and up to 8 live callers was one of the biggest technical achievements in designing the VCC system. In effect, VCC provides each of those hosts and callers with their own, custom mix of the program.  That feature required us to use a full rack of equipment—that’s 42 rack units in engineer speak or nearly six feet—along with literally hundreds of cables.

About 6 months ago we kicked off a project to substantially improve audio quality while reducing the space VCC systems occupy. The goal was to convert all that separate audio processing to a single, custom configured audio engine controlled through VCC’s HAT® automation software.   The results went live last night—a singular audio console, built exactly to our specifications, along with a custom soft-control panel designed just for caller television.

Along the way, that original, massive rack full of equipment has been converted to just 4 rack units—a mere 7 inches(!)—and the cable count is now below 20.   This is a major milestone in our plans to make VCC technology ready to be installed in our customer’s facilities. We’re getting very close!

Best of all, the new digital equipment sounds amazing and is a considerable improvement over what most people expect when they think “video call.”  The new system also opens the door for new, powerful control options. We can’t wait to show those to you in a future post.

 Feel free to give us a call if you’d like to see this system in action – it’s truly remarkable. 









Matt Graf does the honors of shutting down the analog audio at the decommissioning ceremony.

Matt Graf does the honors of shutting down the analog audio at the decommissioning ceremony.

BEFORE: Analog Audio, a full rack!

Analog Audio (BEFORE)

AFTER Digital Audio (just 7 inches)

Digital Audio (AFTER)