Last night marked TalkCenterAmerica’s fourth week in a row of using the Video Call Center’s Caller Queue technology. An infinite number of callers enter the queue to watch the live stream and await their chance to be on TV. The producer, who can see the Callers’ name, topic and location, decides who to send to a call computer for the chance to be approved or denied air time. 

OMGOSS!P (presented by TalkCenterAmerica) filtered through fourteen callers in a thirty minute show last night. Callers who were not suitable for the show (either due to content or presentation) were passed over to make room for callers who brought more “wow” factor to the broadcast.

Among OMGOSS!P’s guests last night were LGBT powerhouses TS Madison & Shauna Brooks and actor JustinRayne. The celebrities and OMGOSS!P regulars weighed in on the most scandalous trending topics, such as: Chris Brown’s most recent arrest; Rihanna, Britney Spears & Beyonce at the VMA’s; Logo’s Gay Bachelor & more! 


Disclaimer: Guests of OMGOSS!P are not limited to the human species. TalkCenterAmerica prides itself on taxonomic diversity.

To watch the full episode, head over to OMGOSSIP.TV