Posts on Oct 2016

Tom Wolzien Speaks at NextTV Summit

NextTV kicked off Television Week in Manhattan and our very own Tom Wolzien (Founder) was invited to speak on a panel. Joined by Hulu’s Noah Heller, Streaming Video Alliance’s Jason Thibeault and Float Left’s Kirby Grines, Tom talked about how smartphones are changing the landscape of television by turning it into a form of two-way communication. 


“Right now in our country, we have large groups of people who feel unheard and who don’t trust the media, take Trump supporters and Bernie Sanders’ supporters, just to name a few. If we don’t take them into consideration, we are all headed for peril.” 

The simplest way to gain the trust of an audience is to invite them to become a part of the content. Let them be heard, and let them engage with other people who are just like them. Traditional television that features an anchor talking at you does not fit the current social narrative.  If television does not adapt, it will not make it in the modern age. 

The VCC has been adapting and developing two way television since 2013. To date, we have launched over 360 hours of programs and have brought nearly 4,000 video callers, each a unique voice, live to air. 

As Wolzien said, we began solving the problem before anyone realized it existed. 


Find the VCC this week at SMPTE in Hollywood, VA and on November 9th & 10th at the NAB East show in New York, NY.

The VCC is named a Facebook Live Media Solutions Partner

We are very pleased to announce that this past Monday, Facebook has named VCC a “Facebook Live Media Solutions Provider.”  The Facebook team realized the value of the VCC’s ability to produce broadcast quality programs based upon video calls from smartphones.  

The VCC is one of just 20 companies vetting by Facebook to provide services.   More details will follow, but this happened after a vetting by experienced broadcast executives at Facebook – who were happy to find, in VCC, a group that understood real live television production and broadcast quality output after dealing with many web oriented offerings.