Palisades, NY (June 24, 2020) — The Video Call Center (VCC) today announced that its patented video remote by smartphone platform is being used by Late Night Cartoons Inc. in connection with its new show Tooning Out the News, now streaming on CBS All Access. The VCC developed a custom process that enables the show’s animated hosts to have topical, live, natural conversations with newsmakers who have included Pulitzer Prize winners, Members of Congress and others.

Tooning Out the News is a new animated variety news series featuring a cast of cartoon characters, led by anchor James Smartwood, lampooning top news stories and interviewing real-world guests. New segments are available Tuesday through Friday, culminating in a weekly full episode exclusively on CBS All Access.

Seamless communication between the hosts, their guests, and the production team, each of whom is working separately and remotely, is critically important to the fast-paced banter at the heart of the series. The VCC’s ability to deliver high-quality lag-free video and audio from virtually anywhere using smartphones or laptops is essential to the smooth workflow that enables the team to deliver multiple new episodes every week.

The Video Call Center developed a new service, Caller Cloud – SoloTM that enables its video call systems to integrate with video conference solutions like Zoom, which the show producers are using as their virtual control room. To support production, the Video Call Center provides a number of technology and expert services, including:

  • VCC Caller Queue which enables remote guest participants to join the production simply by clicking a hyperlink sent to them by text or email.
  • Expert Call Producers who optimize the connection with the guest and prepare them to look and sound their best.
  • Coordination with show producers
  • Low latency return feed to the remote guest so the conversation between host and guest is natural and so that hosts can react to their guests in real-time.
  • Broadcast-quality ISO feeds that quickly provide producers with the audio and video assets they need to edit the show for air.

VCC CEO Larry Thaler said, “While these are challenging times, the team behind Tooning Out the News is breaking new ground with their production. The team at the Video Call Center is excited to lend its live video remote by smartphone technology and the expertise of our team of video call producers to this exciting endeavor.”

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