High-quality, on-demand remotes from VCC helps three-hour daily talk show deliver high-profile guests on camera effortlessly from any location for breaking news and sports talk

Palisades, NY (MAY 04, 2021)

The Video Call Center (VCC) today announced it has received a one-year contract extension from FS1, one of the leading national 24-hour multi-sport cable channels. The FS1 daily studio show ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’ relies on VCC’s Caller CloudⓇ solution, a combination of patented technology and production services. Caller Cloud is a “white glove” service that lets the show bring leading sports players, coaches, executives, and other people to air live, on-camera from anywhere in the world, often on mere minutes’ notice, to speak with co-hosts Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor about the top sports news of the day.

“When breaking news happens, The Herd’s producers often have only minutes to contact and deliver a high-profile sports figure on camera. The VCC delivers quality and reliability that meet the standards of our show. VCC is frictionless for our producers, and more importantly, for our guests. Connections are rock-solid, look fantastic, and let Colin and Joy have fast-paced, face-to-face banter without awkward lag. The experience for guests is great, which is key because it means they are happy to come back. As a partner, the VCC gives us great peace of mind.”

— Mike Wilken, SVP Systems and Technology, FOX Sports.

VCC’s Caller Cloud solution enables long-duration, natural conversation between show hosts and remote guests to deliver compelling, face-to-face dialogue to live television. There’s nothing for guests to download. Guests only need their mobile or other device and an Internet connection to join. Clicking a text or email link connects them to an experienced VCC Call Producer whose expertise ensures that the guest looks great and their connection to the show is solid for the best possible audio and video. VCC’s patented technologies deliver hyper-low-latency video return and IFB mix-minus for effortless interaction between host and guest. 

“At the VCC, we give high-energy TV shows like The Herd the reach they need to connect with the very best guests, no matter where they are. And just as importantly, we make sure their guests and the remote production look great in even the most challenging scenarios, whether it’s a coach still on the practice field or a player in their limo.  Many TV producers, including our friends at FS1, have experienced the shortcomings of trying to use video conferencing apps alone to connect with guests. There is simply no comparison when you see what VCC clients like The Herd deliver to air day after day.”

— VCC CEO Larry Thaler.

‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’ can be seen using the VCC to connect with four or five guests nearly every day on FS1, Monday-Friday from 12:00 to 3:00 PM ET Eastern. Samples can also be seen at www.thevcc.tv/mediagallery or at The Herd’s Youtube channel.

The VCC is a technology and production solutions services company devoted to handling large numbers of IP Video remotes-by-smartphone and putting them on the air through patented caller acquisition technology, workflow, and assistive automation (US patents #8,767,031, #9,654,731, #10,904,386, China patent #ZL 201380050976.3, 3197710, 3667664. Japan patent 6727196. The VCC licenses its software and provides caller acquisition and production services. VCC has helped clients produce more than a thousand programs for broadcast and the web, supporting Major League Baseball, Sony/TEGNA, CBS, Fox TV Stations, Discovery, Food Network, Fox Sports Networks, HGTV, Hearst Media, NBATV, NFL Network,  TLC, Turner, WWE, Vice, The International Emmy Academy, and many others. Examples of video caller television programs and complete information about the VCC are available at http://www.thevcc.tv

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