VCC is the proud winner of the ITVT Award for Leadership in the Coronavirus Era, presented at the TV of Tomorrow Show

The Video Call Center (VCC) was acknowledged by Interactive TV Today (ITVT) for delivering critical breakthroughs in professional, broadcast-quality, IP video remote technology this year that enabled global news, sports and entertainment shows to seamlessly continue and enhance their programming uninterrupted by Covid-related obstacles. Many of the solutions were customer-driven, necessitated by the Covid pandemic and delivered with unprecedented speed. Many customers adopted VCC solutions as their preferred workflow even after restrictions lifted for their workplaces.

VCC has been selected by leading broadcasters to enable individuals and virtual audiences to contribute to shows with lag-free, two-way remotes from any internet-connected device, anywhere. Some of those shows delivered critical and timely information about the Covid pandemic itself, like delivering a hybrid virtual audience for “Vaccinating America: An MSNBC Town Hall.” The town hall featured an interview with President Biden followed by an interactive forum with the White House’s Covid-19 team. The virtual audience we created appeared as if they were in the auditorium, but were on individual monitors as they watched, asked questions, and reacted in real-time.

In these efforts, VCC enabled thousands of contributors across the globe to engage in lively interaction with sports and entertainment producers, helping to diminish the strain of Covid in our homes. For example, the Kelly Clarkson Show used our CrowdView™ technology daily to connect with one of the largest viewing audiences in daytime television. NBA Center Court uses it to engage NBA season ticket holders and other fans when they can’t make it to marquee live games. Reality shows such as “90-Day Fiance”, and talks shows including “The Maury Pauvich Show” and “The Steve Wilkos Show” depend on VCC technology and extensively-trained call producers to create the highly emotional moments that only can occur with natural interaction between show participants and hosts, and subsequently, keep the shows relevant to their audiences, and importantly, its advertisers.

VCC’s technology solutions allowed more than ten thousand global industry professionals and remote participants to contribute to broadcasts from safe environments limiting their exposure to Covid while maintaining top broadcast-quality standards. Additionally, VCC is a green, cost-lowering, solution reducing carbon imprint by eliminating air and auto travel and related expenses previously required for in-person appearances without sacrificing the highest-broadcast industry standards possible.

“We are honored and excited that VCC has won the ITVT (Interactive TV Today) Award for “Corporate Leadership in the Coronavirus Era.” We’re especially proud of our amazing and dedicated team which worked (and works) around every obstacle imaginable to make productions come to life when many traditional methods of making TV were upended. Especially thankful to our clients who put their trust in us.”


The VCC is a technology and production services company devoted to handling of IP Video remotes-by-smartphone and putting them on the air through patented caller acquisition technology, workflow, and automation (US patents #8,767,031, #9,654,731, #10,904,386 China patent #ZL 201380050976.3, Japan Patent 0149126001 and other patents pending). The VCC licenses its software and provides caller acquisition and production services. VCC has helped clients produce more than 20,000 remotes over hundreds of broadcast and web programs, supporting NBCU, Major League Baseball, CBS, Fox TV Stations, CBS, CNN, Discovery, Fox Sports Networks, Hearst interactive, international Emmys, TLC, NBATV, NFL Network, Paramount+, WWE,  Vice, Bally Sports, and many others. Examples of programs and complete information about the VCC are available at