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The Video Call Center, LLC (VCC)  provides high quality, efficient video remotes and production automation for content creators and those that need to manage large numbers of smartphone video callers.  Its clients include major media networks, production companies, sports organizations, and government agencies who recognize that changing economics require changing approaches to global video production.VCC combines the reach of the web with the quality demands of network television to deliver thousands of reliable remotes from across six continents for pre-recording or live distribution by broadcast, cable, and high end global web producers.VCC has been awarded multiple patents in the US and internationally for its unique and original approaches to solving key economic and operational problems of modern video production.  These approaches are equally applicable to solving video call management issues as industry and government shift from voice to video-smartphone based customer service. VCC’s US-written software meshes smoothly with publicly available video applications resulting in quality service for its media customers while allowing them to reach program participants nearly instantly, without downloads.In this “About” section we invite you to learn more about the VCC story and meet our leaders and key managers—a team that has put more smartphone-based video remotes on the air than any other organization on the planet.

Management Team: VCC’s management team is a unique combination of executives experienced in the quality demands of modern television coupled with global web experts who have the technology and techniques to manage video callers thousands of miles and continents away.

The VCC Story: In a classic start-up story, VCC has found and delivered on the needs of an evolving industry.

VCC Intellectual Property: VCC has been granted multiple patents directly relevant to its daily operations, written significant code to support its operations, and developed a trove of trade-secrets used by its staff to deliver the most reliable smartphone remotes in the industry.

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