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Smart Phones are Changing the World

Today’s television programmers need to find innovative approaches to interact with their audiences.  At the same time, IP video tools are getting better, smartphones are smarter and viewers increasingly want their opinions to be part of the story.

Introducing Video-Caller Television

Over the past three years, The VCC has seen these trends converging and has been hard at work developing a suite of tools to permit program producers to marry the benefits of video over IP so viewers, experts and celebrities can participate in live and live to tape programming.


Tools to Engage Audiences

VCC’s suite of tools are being used to create hundreds of hours of programming,
incorporating thousands of live callers from all over the world to make the shows engaging, fun and very, very interactive. This enables programmers to create an open conversation with their audience while maintaining editorial control, high quality and limiting costs. The result is a new genre of video caller talk television, that supports breaking news, political specials, game shows and more. All with no additional cost for remote content acquisition. Working with virtually any Video over IP application, viewers, experts, reporters and stars can all participate with their smartphones and computers from wherever they are to create what we’ve dubbed “Participatory Television.”


Match your Requirements
The VCC suite of tools are available in a number of ways to match your business and program

  • Program Incubator Services
  • Call Screening as a Service, with low-latency connection to your control room or studio.
  • Complete Production Services or coproduction through our NY based incubator.
  • Software purchase and licensing to put thetools in your facility.

First three prototypes built.

First TalkCenterAmerica show.

HAT built.

First patent awarded. 

VCC moves out of Tom Wolzien’s carriage house and into its current headquarters in Palisades, NY. 

First run of professional shows for clients (KUSA Denver: Theater Trial, Broncos Tonight, Balance of Power). First VCC baby is born (to Jackie Lennon).

Continued success with client shows (WXIA Atlanta, Function X).

Successful completion of a live pilot with Fox Television. 

Second patent awarded.

Tom Wolzien wins innovator award from Studio Daily at NAB.

Second VCC baby is born (to Tom Porpiglia).