The first cloud-controlled management system for live IP-based remotes

AirFirst™ provides producers with do-it-yourself superior quality, lag-free on-demand workflows for high-speed, high-volume control of live remote contributors anywhere in the world.

Introducing VCC’s AirFirst Platform

 IP Headache Reliever for Operations Managers

What makes AirFirst different?

Management Tools

  • • Elegant, intuitive interface – saves staff time, cuts errors, and improves every video connection.
  • Centralized communication across departments in real-time using a secure cloud-based scheduling engine.

  • Run multiple simultaneous remotes with choice of connection type from a single interface.

  • • Supports call-in and call-out workflows. Audience queuing system with filtering, localization, and social amplification.

AirFirst at home

Easy for Guests

  • • One-click for guests- any device, anywhere, anytime without downloads, accounts, or user names.

  • • Instant connect for VIPs – get your guest from booker to control room with first video in as little as 12 seconds!

A Game Changer

  • Lag-free – No more delayed conversations that kill broadcast flow

  • Real-time return video for each guest
  • • Allow VIPs and audience participants to interact directly with studio hosts

  • • Deliver the energy and interplay that is only possible when a live cast interacts in real-time with a live audience

AirFirst in the studio

Smart Software

  • • Automatically evaluates connection reliability before talking to contributors

  • • Work from anywhere, across multiple productions, bureaus, and stations.

  • • IFB Mix/Minus

  • • Multi-participant with assigned seating and animated full-screen selection

Manage and connect broadcast-quality remotes efficiently 24/7

Josh Koller, VCC Producer and Manager of Sales & Training, discussing AirFirst™ at NAB 2022

AirFirst was originally developed for VCC’s “white glove” Caller Cloud service and has been used for more than 20,000 remotes on streaming, cable, and broadcast programs. That same patented system is now available to independent producers, news, sports, entertainment, government, NGO, corporate event productions, and other media organizations.

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