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OMGossip Weekly Recap

This week on OMGOSS!P we were joined by the hilarious and beautiful Nicole Arbour. Between Nicole’s fans, and Sky from Black Ink Crew’s fans, our call lines were blowing up!

We dove into the secrets behind Rob Kardashian’s sudden deletion of his Instagram, we dished on Demi Lovato’s new romance with Odell Beckham Jr and got a sneak peek into a plastic surgeon’s office, where a certain someone was waiting for a procedure!

Catch the highlights in our recap below, and visit to watch the full episode. 

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OMGossip Sneak Peak 7.25

This weekend in Gossip news:

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holms- is there “non-relationship” officially over?

Katt Williams is back in the news again for charges of battery against a woman. 

Teen mom Farrah Abraham debuts a new… butt?

Calvin Harris and Kim Kardashian are spotted together in Vegas for J-lo’s birthday bash. Be on the lookout, Taylor. 

Lil Wayne goes into a rant at High Times concert and swears he will never be back. He then leaves after performing just three songs. What gives, Weezy? Tell us why you’re mad!

In Pokemon news, two Canadian teens accidentally crossed the the U.S. border while playing Pokemon go! The teens did not realize they crossed the border illegal until they were found by border patrol agents. 

Weekend Gossip Teaser

This Weekend in Gossip News:

Lil Wayne goes into a rant at High Times concert and swears he will never be back. He then leaves after performing just three songs. What gives, Weezy? Tell us why you’re mad!

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes- is their “non-relationship” officially over?

Katt Williams is back in the news again for charges of battery against a woman. 

Teen mom Farrah Abraham debuts a new… butt?

Calvin Harris and Kim Kardashian are spotted together in Vegas for J-lo’s birthday bash. Be on the lookout, Taylor. 


As always, tune in to @ 9PM EDT to find out which of these stories make the cut and which are knocked aside by more breaking gossip. Follow @OMGossipTCA to stay in the gossip-loop between shows and to vote! Which stories should we cover this week?

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OMGoss!p Live @ 9PM Wednesday 7.27.2016

OMGoss!p Weekly Recap 7.20.16

Last night on OMGoss!p, the people send Taylor Swift to trial for lying to the public and putting Kim and Kanye on blast.

Can she recover from this seemingly fatal blow to her image?

Is she being wrongfully accused?

Are Kim and Kanye really the ones at fault?

Find out what the people think in the video recap below. To watch the full episode, check out

Weekend Gossip Teaser

This weekend in gossip news, we learned that:

  • Kim K posts a video of Taylor “Ok”ing Kanye’s “Famous” lyric. Taylor fires back stating that she never okayed the “I made that bitch famous” line. 
    • Hey Kim & Kanye— are you aware that wiretapping without both parties’ consent is illegal in the state of California?? Whoops.
  • Bieber gets all philosophical at a concert and puts a fan on blast for throwing a hat on stage 
  • Lewis Hamilton spotted leaving Rita Ora’s house early Sunday morning– are the two an item?
  • Demi Lovato is reportedly hooking up with MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos. Poor Wilmer. 
  • Tom Hiddleston confirms that he and Taylor Swift are in fact dating, and that it is not just a publicity stunt. 
  • 72-year-old Mick Jagger is expecting his 8th child with his 29-year-old girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick– really, Mick?

And So. Much. More. 

Tune into OMGoss!p this Wednesday @ 9PM EDT to find out which of these stories make the cut and which are knocked aside by more breaking gossip. Follow @OMGossipTCA for more celebrity updates and to vote! Which stories should we cover this week?

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Are you keeping a secret, Tom Hiddleston?

Weekly Recap: 7.13.2016

Weekly Recap: OMGossip

Last night on OMGossip, host Jeremy Hassell was joined by DJ Kiss, Brooklyn Jones from Flex & Shanice, Kaylen Zahara from MTV’s Are You the One, Chrissy Monroe from Love & Hip Hop & Jeremy’s regular gossip crew to discuss the most trending topics in celebrity drama.

Taylor Swift stole the show (gasp!) with the breaking news about her alleged role as a ghost-writer for Calvin Harris’ “This is what you came for” featuring Rhianna. She was brought to trial in Celebrity Justice: The People vs. Taylor Swift and was convicted by an almost unanimous vote. Felicia, #bye. 

Jennifer Aniston made more than a blip on the gossip radar this week, when she attacked the press for the pregnancy allegations. Jennifer stood her ground and the people are proud! #teamjen

In the most tragic news of the night, Rich Homie Quan is on the national burner for forgetting the words to Biggie’s “Get Money”. The world is mad at Rich, but is the anger completely warranted? Can the man get an ally? Anybody? No?


Tune in next week @ 9PM EDT to find out who bumps Rich Homie Quan out of the dog house, an which celebrities get placed in “jail” on Celebrity Justice, with the ruthless, the merciless, Judge Jeremy!



OMGossip Sneak peak 7.11

With all of the happenings in Hollywood this weekend, the next installment of OMGossip can’t come soon enough!

Some headlines you may have caught over the weekend:

Did Khloe really kick Lamar out of her rental house after finding a crack pipe on the premises? 

Blac Chyna debuts her baby bump!

Tom Hiddleston dodges Taylor-Swift relationship questions—are they on the rocks already? 

Did Miley really get a tattoo for Liam Hemsworth?

Will any of these topics make the cut on Wednesday night’s OMGossip? Or will a new story break and make them old news by then?


Tune in Wednesday night at @ 9PM Eastern to find out. Skype in to TalkCenterAmerica to have a say. 

Weekly Recap 7.6.16

Last night on TalkCenterAmerica’s weekly programming powered by the VCC, music fans got their weekly dose of connection, while gossip fans got their weekly dose of, well, gossip.

Musician Ty Law wowed fans with an intimate Q&A session on FanJamTV. From how does music help you cope with everyday life to what was going through your head when you produced Insomniac, the callers asked it all. Halfway through the episode, Ty Law gave an exclusive performance to FanJamTV callers and viewers. 

Judge Jeremy made his second appearance on OMGossip last night in Celebrity Justice: the People vs. Kylie & Tyga. The defense battled the opposition and the jury voted. Ultimately, the pair was found not guilty for reclaiming their love affair. 

To watch the full episode of FanJamTv, visit

To watch the full episode of OMGossip, visit

OMGossip Brings Celebrity Video Chat and Gossip to Facebook Live

OMGossip Brings Celebrity Video Chat and Gossip to
Facebook Live Using VCC Production Technology


Powered by VCC Remote-by-Smartphone and Host Control Technologies,
OMGossip Lets Celebrities and Fans Join Live Video Talk Show from Any Device, Anywhere

July 1st 2016, New York—OMGossip, the live-streaming gossip show hosted by celebrity-interviewer Jeremy Hassell, today announced that it is expanding distribution to Facebook Live, giving millions of the social media platform’s users one click access to engage directly in video chat with celebrity guests and leading entertainment bloggers.  OMGossip is part of a new breed of video-talk-based program television, powered by The Video Call Center (VCC) and designed for professional producers and studios, which combines the production quality and moderation of world-class live television with the pacing, interactivity and wide distribution of social media.

“Deep integration with the Facebook ecosystem gives producers an opportunity to engage with a massive audience,” says VCC CEO Larry Thaler.  “VCC is powering the next big leap in social TV. Now viewers not only watch and chat about the show, they are active participants in the live program itself. VCC manages a large volume of video calls and efficiently produces a high quality, live television product for any distribution platform including broadcast, cable, the web, and now Facebook Live.” 

VCC frees shows like OMGossip from many of the constraints and costs associated with traditional live television production, while encouraging creative innovation. For example, VCC’s remote-by-smartphone capability has enabled OMGossip to break new ground in live, mobile video contribution. Host Jeremy Hassell’s guests call him via the web using their smartphones from limos, cabs, living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, the beach, airport baggage claims, and even riding a bicycle through New York City.

“The amazing thing about producing these shows is that there are no financial or technical limits to accessing stars live,” says, Tom Porpiglia, executive producer for Talk Center America which produces OMGossip. “We don’t care where they are.  If they’ve got a smartphone, they can go on the air in seconds and be talking with their fans and Jeremy’s blogger posse from Asia to Europe and across the US.”

VCC simplifies video call acquisition so that the system and call screeners moderate large volumes of incoming video calls for video talk-based programs.   The company has invented and patented unique technology that filters these calls and assists the host in running the show without a control room while maintaining broadcast quality output.   

With VCC, Hassell not only hosts OMGossip, he directly controls the live video conversations between celebrity guests, contributing bloggers, and OMGossip viewers. The patented VCC host control panel eliminates the need for a costly, traditional TV broadcast control room, enabling the host to select callers from around the globe, select graphics, showcase the latest revealing videos and photos, and engage with his callers in the video chats that comprise the program.

One example of the show’s versatility came this spring via live video calls with stars of Real Housewives of New York as they prepared for airtime in the show’s dressing room.  Jeremy and regular OMGossip posse member Josh McBride talked with Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein as they had their hair and makeup done backstage, while fans and other posse members chimed in with questions and comments from around the world.

“Jeremy Hassell is a unique talent from a generation that wants to be in control of the air,” says Video Call Center CEO Larry Thaler.   “We’ve turned the model around so instead of listening to directions from a control room, Jeremy has the power to instantly make connections that he thinks will appeal to the audience.   Jeremy drives this fast paced show himself, deciding which callers, clips and graphics to air, and triggering the technology that automatically switches the program.”   

About The Video Call Center, LLC:  VCC is a technology and content development company devoted to handling large numbers of IP Video remotes-by-smartphone and putting them on the air through patented assistive automation approaches.  VCC licenses its software and provides caller acquisition and production services.   VCC has produced hundreds of programs for the web through its Talk Center America platform, and dozens for programs or the stations of co-owner TEGNA Media.  VCC is jointly owned by Wolzien LLC and TEGNA, which is a significant investor and customer.  More at

About OMGossip:  Now in weekly production for more than six months, OMGossip is hosted and produced by VH-1 and MTV personality Jeremy Hassell. Among the stars and personalities who have checked in from their homes, the beach, and even while on their daily runs through downtown Beverly Hills during OMGossip’s initial run have been Farrah Abraham, Candace Cameron Bure, Heather McDonald, Dorinda Medley, Dr. Miami and Jules Wainstein , dishing with Jeremy on the latest in music, film, and clubbing.  OMGossip airs every Wednesday at 9PM Eastern.  Past episodes can be seen at, the VCC program distribution platform.