Behind the Scenes of Daily Blast Live

Lisa Fine on Daily Blast Live

In the wake of the Las Vegas concert shooting, the VCC team had the privilege of connecting with survivor, Lisa Fine, shortly after she returned to the safety of her California home.  She was identified as a “newsmaker” by the Daily Blast Live production team, and contacted by a Call Producer at VCC – we quickly set her up to do a remote from her own cell phone.  Her first-hand testimony was focused and heart-wrenching.   

The backstory: While connected into the VCC system and awaiting her opportunity to go on-air, Lisa heard a knock at the door. The news crews had just shown up to interview her.   Lisa asked them to wait until she was done with her Daily Blast Live interview via FaceTime.  The VCC got there first, at a fraction of the cost!  Just a sample of what VCC does every day for DBL.

“Daily Blast LIVE is an innovative, fast-paced show that relies on the latest technology to engage with celebrities, experts and viewers no matter where they are. TEGNA was an early adopter of the VCC and we are excited to work with them on DBL. Their innovative technology offers our production team numerous options to create an ever-changing and dynamic live program every day.”

— Bob Sullivan, senior vice president, programming, TEGNA

Functionality Provided by the VCC

Professional Call Screening

Manage the process of screening and preparing callers for air in real-time. This includes the VCC’s experienced team of call screeners and the use of Caller Queue™, the VCC’s unique “green room in the cloud.”

Seamless Integration

Integrate video callers into the DBL production control room located at TEGNA station KUSA in Denver where DBL is produced.

Superior Quality

Optimize the visual quality and reliability of video calls originating from smartphones and other devices using native video over IP applications and public Internet connections.


“I think it is very telling that VCC has become such an integrated part of the [Daily Blast Live] workflow that the talent are calling out the technology is a key component of their content strategy. They also attested to the fact that VCC was far better than any of the competitors.”

– Ed Busby, SVP Strategy TEGNA