Big Things are Happening (as things get smaller)

I should go on business trips more often!   While I was attending the recent SEAT conference (see other blog), the ace tech team at The VCC was busy making things smaller (and we know that good things come in small packages).  

A few weeks ago I told you that we were successful in reducing almost a full rack of equipment from our systems by converting to digital audio.   I’m thrilled to report that while I was away, the team was hard at work with virtualization.  We have now enabled our software to run on our hypervisor, or virtual environment, which is just 1 rack unit (1.75″) high – also reducing almost a full rack.   We still have significant testing to do, but this is extremely valuable in that it reduces the second largest portion (after audio) of our systems.  We are now 2/3 of our way towards our targets in minimum system size, and expect that our customers will appreciate both the rack-savings as well as the flexibility which comes with this approach.

Thanks guys – keep the hits coming!