Protecting On-Line Content

Live programmers have huge advantages in immediacy, cost effectiveness and authenticity, but also run the risk of inadvertently airing unwanted material. Traditional TV broadcasters have long employed profanity delay systems along with dedicated staff to protect their shows from libel, copyright infringement, nudity and more. Until now, however, there has not been a cost-effective solution to use on live web content.

Introducing BleepITTM

The VCC is pleased to introduce cost-effective comprehensive profanity protection for web programming. Usable for any platform including Facebook Live & Youtube, BleepIT™ has been integrated into the VCC’s production workflow to provide professional level protection at Web costs. BleepIT™ increases the VCC’s advanced layered protection, letting everyone on the production team identify and block out an issue, in real-time, even after it has already happened.


BleepITTM Features

BleepITTM is a digital tool which provides editorial teams a way to undo what has happened, Live.

Remove unwanted material – By introducing a small, customizable delay, sensitive material can be removed from Internet streaming feeds, after it occurs. Alternate video material and/or silence can be substituted.

Anyone on team can trigger – Each team member has a hard or soft control to trigger a removal.

Trigger from anywhere – like other tools from the VCC, triggering can be done from off premises, including attorney’s offices.

Cost Effective – BleepITTM is built into the VCC’s workflow and is available as a low-cost web-friendly option.

The VCC’s Layered Protection

VCC’s suite of tools provide multi-dimensional editorial control and five layers of protection for programming:

1. Legal – Caller QueueTM requires callers to sign-in and approve terms and conditions before each air appearance. Agreement is stored in a database and a report can be printed for each show.

2. PreScreening – Images of callers and in-queue prescreening helps to filter callers.

3. Live Call Screening – The Call Screening process helps to reveal the intentions of callers and can be used to verify identity.

4. Kill Switch – The entire team including Call Screeners, Producer and Host have the ability to take one or all callers off the air with a single button push.

5. BleepITTM – In case anything gets through, BleepIT adds customizable live profanity delay that enables the team to remove the problematic content before it ever reaches air.