Reliable, 2-Way Remotes

Caller Cloud®

Caller Cloud provides optimized remotes by smartphone connecting VCC’s expert call producers directly to a client’s control room. Leveraging vast experience, optimized networks and proprietary processes to provide efficient high-quality remotes from virtually anyone, anywhere.

Infinite Remote Possibilities

Caller Cloud Industry Impact

Up until now, there was no reliable way to bring any of the world’s 5 billion smartphones into programming while providing the editorial control and production workflows needed. The VCC solves this problem. Reporters, experts, stars and audience members can now join a live or taped show and receive hyper-low-latency return video feeds, all at a fraction of the cost of satellite or bonded cellular using applications already on their devices.

Real-Time Return Video and IFB

A big improvement over satellite or cellular bonding, each caller receives a nearly-instant return video along with a professional mix-minus IFB, permitting direct interaction with the studio. The latency is so low, that remote contributors can even narrate over studio B-Roll.

Native IP Video Apps

VCC’s Caller Cloud works with native applications to make it easier for the remote contributor.  No downloads or usernames to look up.

Patented Signal Optimization

Because Caller Cloud works with a variety of applications, VCC’s Call Producers optimize the right application for the device and connectivity. Coupled with VCC’s call-loss prevention system, Caller Cloud remotes are significantly more reliable and better quality than other IP solutions.

Delivered to Control Rooms

Caller Cloud connects to traditional production facilities through one or more VCC End-Points.

Cost effective

Booked like a “virtual fiber line to everywhere,” Caller Cloud
permits an unlimited number of remote contributors during service hours.
Stable feeds can be up for hours at a fraction of the cost of other approaches.

ISO records & switching

Options to ISO record the callers at broadcast quality, and to switch or isolate return feeds provides flexibility that creative producers need.

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