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Open the doors to let viewers be part of the program.

Branded Waiting Room

 Callers immediately connect to a waiting room branded to match the show. The callers can view and hear the show, register with their name, location and subject information, and then sign a release before being selected for air.

Producer Prioritization

 Producers gain visibility of who is waiting and the overall size of the queue. Prioritization tools permit the producer to identify the best callers and automatically assign them to available call computers.

Any IP Video App

Producers have a choice of Video over IP application to optimize their choice for the show (currently supporting Facetime, WebRTC, and Gruveo).

Photo snapshot

Callers can take a snapshot of themselves while waiting in the queue.  Producers can view snapshot prior to selection.

Social Amplification

Callers are encouraged to promote their appearance on the show on their social media pages without leaving the queue.

Chat Feature

Producers can contact individual callers and receive responses back via text chat.


New feature permits screeners to interview and troubleshoot with callers before they connect to a call computer.

 Open the doors to let viewers be part of the program

Television broadcasters and programmers understand the value of using FaceTime, Skype and similar technologies to help put experts and analysts on their programs. Now you can leverage the same technology to invite virtually unlimited numbers of viewers into your programming to create Video Caller TV.
Up until now, systems to support Caller Television have supported small numbers of callers. This limits the choices in front of the show producers. What if there was a great caller or frequent guest, who just got a busy signal?

Caller Queue® provides choices

Caller Queue® is a show-branded waiting area for callers wishing to get on-air. Supporting a virtually unlimited number of callers, the system provides producers the visibility to know who is waiting, what they are interested in talking about and prioritize the people and subjects they want on the air.

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