SEAT (Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology) Show Recap

You may have seen a recent announcement from The VCC that we’ve formed a strategic alliance with SEAT – sponsoring the recent show, and SEAT will use VCC technology to produce a weekly show for it’s members. Well, Jerry and I just got back from our first ever visit to the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) conference in Las Vegas.   What an event!

 For those not familiar with the conference, it hosts technology and marketing professionals from sports teams and venues from across the US and around the globe.  The show was a venerable “who’s who” of the sports industry.  We met senior tech leaders from professional sports teams, universities and minor league clubs.  We also met folks that run stadiums and venues, some from as far away as Doha or New Zealand (and I thought that my flight was arduous!)

 It’s a very different type of conference for us. There were vendor booths like any other show, but it’s more about networking than foot traffic.  The focus of the show was on building relationships and creating connections.  SEAT was a spectacular opportunity with frequent networking sessions to help expand who we knew in the industry.

The non-television side of the sports business is new for us, but we were very excited that the discussions we had revealed some interesting places where VCC Technology may be extremely useful. Here are just some of the interesting things we discussed:

  • Creation of web programming to support team’s sales and marketing efforts – lower cost live content enabling both fans and experts to join in conversation about the teams.
  • Premium Tier:  We discovered that several Teams offer premium dinners or meetings with star athletes or managers to entice their high-roller customers.   This premium can now be added more frequently, or enabled for mid-level tiers by connecting fans with a weekly or monthly chat, enabling fans to have an exclusive discussion with their heroes.
  • Press conferences:  Frequently, teams holding press conferences, tours or large meetings and need to bring athletes, trainers and participants into the conversation while they are on the road.  The VCC Technology assists by permitting multiple attendees using whatever app they have, keeping editorial control of the session and without that nasty audio echo that goes with many conference systems.
  • Access to experts and statisticians for fantasy players in premium programs just for them.
  • League and business meetings streamed live to large audience with restricted access or filtered Q/A sessions

We are very pleased that SEAT recognized the opportunity that the VCC has to offer its members and look forward to further developing these new relationships.