Call Manager Pro™

Call Manager ProTM

The Most Automated and Efficient Video Call Acquisition System for Live Television Production

Call Manager Pro (CMP) automatically handles all the technical complexity to optimize the appearance of video calls, ensuring they look their best when brought to air. This frees producers to keep their focus on the quality of content, while still enabling them to access callers using a choice of video calling applications on from their smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Routing Video Callers

Working with Caller QueueTM Call Manager Pro™ lets producers prioritize and route callers to the appropriate call computer even thousands of miles away. Operating as a video caller switchboard, CMP provides functionality to share callers over diverse locations.

CMP software provides a powerful set of productivity tools used to:

  • Quickly launch or end video calls across differing applications including Facetime, WebRTC and Skype.
  • Automatically reposition and resize call windows to suit the look-and-feel of a show
  • Automatically remove unwanted visual elements, created by calling apps, from the screen  (e.g., user icons for ending calls, mute buttons, etc.)
  • Automatically correct for lip-sync differences across multiple video call applications
  • Enable producers, located anywhere in the world,  to set-up and manage calls remotely using the VCC’s cloud-based platform
  • Share and route video callers between locations



Bringing many video callers to one location

Sharing one video caller between many locations