Dream crowd, dream content, without the requirement of travel.

CrowdView™  brings the show to viewers, while bringing their real time watch-along video feed to the studio. Paired with either VCC’s Caller Queue or StageDoor products, producers can invite anyone, anywhere to be a part of a live virtual audience.

Any fan base spans well outside of the immediate location of a show studio. Now, audiences can reflect that.

  • Choice of background and custom graphic-caller replacement
  • Return video and audio
  • No Required Downloads
  • Available up to 25 participants per screen
  • Real-time, low-latency, two-way signals
  • Aggregated bi-directional audio
  • Available with VCC Caller Cloud producing, or a SaaS (Software as a service)

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 2 Premieres with CrowdView™ Virtual Audience.

Kelly Clarkson loves her loyal fans and the amazing energy they bring to her show. As Kelly and her team began planning for Season 2 of her daytime talk show, they knew operations were going to be impacted by this year’s pandemic. Through their commitment to their fanbase and a partnership with VCC, Kelly was able to launch season 2 with as much fervor and engagement as ever!

Introducing CrowdView BOP®!

Introducing CrowdView™ BOP®. The platform that first brought you sophisticated audience engagement now offers seamless interaction with guests. With the click of a button, your guest now becomes a VIP. A selected CrowdView participant instantly becomes a full screen ISO. Remaining participants, who are still connected in the background, are automatically muted, creating an isolated audio feed of the select caller. Custom muting can designate specific audio tracks to remain open in the background, allowing for selective interaction or even fully isolated audio without full screening. Your virtual crowd instantly becomes more engaged, more integrated, and more refined.

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