Daily Blast Live

The Video Call Center Selected to Manage Celebrity Guest Video Call Appearances for TEGNA’s New “Daily Blast LIVE” Show

The VCC Simplifies Process of Bringing Video Callers to Air and Optimizes Reliability of Video Calls

PALISADES, NY – The Video Call Center (The VCC) today announced that TEGNA (NYSE: TGNA) has chosen the VCC video caller platform to support the production of “Daily Blast LIVE” (DBL), the company’s new live daytime news and entertainment show. DBL premiered Monday, September 18 in 36 TEGNA markets and live via Facebook and YouTube.

The VCC Caller Cloud™ Video Service provides a caller acquisition and production system specifically designed to enable live, interactive broadcast remotes with celebrities, subject matter experts and everyday audience callers. The Caller Cloud enables TEGNA to:

Manage the process of screening and preparing callers for air in real-time. This includes the VCC’s experienced team of call screeners and the use of Caller Queue™, the VCC’s unique “green room in the cloud.”

Integrate video callers into the DBL production control room located at TEGNA station KUSA in Denver where DBL is produced.

Optimize the visual quality and reliability of video calls originating from smartphones and other devices using native video over IP applications and public Internet connections.

“Daily Blast LIVE is an innovative, fast-paced show that relies on the latest technology to engage with celebrities, experts and viewers no matter where they are,” said Bob Sullivan, senior vice president, programming, TEGNA. “TEGNA was an early adopter of the VCC and we are excited to work with them on DBL. Their innovative technology offers our production team numerous options to create an ever-changing and dynamic live program every day.”

The VCC’s patented technology allows callers to use smartphones and popular native video calling apps such as Apple FaceTime, and Google WebRTC, as well as Microsoft Skype. By supporting multiple applications, VCC screeners can optimize the quality for the conditions in the field. The VCC platform has already been used to produce almost 500 live programs for broadcast television and web distribution with more than 5,000 callers and an overall on-air video call reliability exceeding 99%.

“We are very excited to play a role in the creation of such an innovative new program,” said Larry Thaler, CEO, the Video Call Center. “TEGNA and the producers of DBL recognize the creative potential made possible by the ability to bring any video caller to air reliably, anytime, from anywhere. They can engage a top social media influencer at their home or office, a celebrity who is on set in an exotic location or a high-profile athlete during their pre-game workout. The possibilities are endless.”

About Daily Blast LIVE
Daily Blast LIVE produces seven live, half-hour feeds per day (Monday through Friday) and broadcasts every show LIVE in each market and time zone in which it airs. DBL is also streamed LIVE Monday through Friday on the DBL Facebook page from 2-3 p.m. E.T. and 7-7:30 p.m. E.T. as well as on YouTube LIVE from 3-5 p.m. ET. Viewers are encouraged to participate in the show’s conversation LIVE, in real-time, by sharing their reactions and opinions on stories, voting on content and submitting videos and other content that may appear on the show. Follow DBL on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat by searching @DailyBlastLIVE or go to dailyblastlive.com.

About The Video Call Center, LLC
The VCC is a technology and content development company devoted to handling large numbers of IP Video remotes-by-smartphone and putting them on the air through patented workflow and assistive automation (patents #8,767,031, #9,654,731 and other patents pending). The VCC is both a Facebook Live Media Solutions and Broadcast partner. The VCC licenses its software and provides caller acquisition and production services. VCC has produced hundreds of programs for broadcast and the web for clients such as TEGNA, Fox TV Stations, Discovery and TLC.   The VCC’s advanced caller workflows help to expand audience engagement and extend the reach of its clients’ programs. The VCC can be integrated through traditional control rooms or controlled efficiently by the host without a control room.  Examples of video caller television programs and complete information about the VCC are available at https://www.thevcc.tv/.