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Discovery has a treasure trove of House Hunters episodes and wanted to give new life to old content. The brilliant idea? House Hunters: Comedians on Couches featuring stars such as John Mulaney, Chelsea Peretti, and Seth Rogen engaging in banter about previous episodes. The challenge? How to have these comedy stars in separate remote locations reacting in real-time to footage and each other to create a seamless, interactive, and entertaining production.

VCC married our Caller Cloud® white-glove production services with the HAT® and StageDoor® solutions. This enabled the Lando Entertainment and Discovery production team to produce the entire show remotely and bring the comedians together with a simple one-click method that reduces time to air to as little as 24 seconds. A full program mix and ISO recordings of each comedian were provided the same day to the edit rooms so that show assembly could begin. VCC's professional production team supported theirs behind the scenes…making sure everybody looked and sounded great. The comedy was up to them.
Hilarity ensued. Lando and Discovery created wonderful moments and episodes with the comedians in little to no time- and no hassle. Even better, the concept enables Discovery to refresh their entire library of House Hunters and other shows creating a whole new category of exclusive content for their new Discovery+ service.

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