VCC Duo™


VCC Duo™ is a version of our Caller Cloud® which enables hosts and creators to easily record high-quality, mix-minus ISO feeds of two-way remote interviews with two participants without a traditional control room. Based on the same key principles of our Solo™ workflow, VCC Duo allows any two remote contributors to interact effortlessly. Duo™ is supported by a VCC-hosted endpoint developed to support pre-recorded two-way remotes. There’s nothing to buy or install. And as part of our Caller Cloud® services, latency is so low that conversations appear as if they were face-to-face. Best of all, everything can be immediately editing room ready thanks to VCC EavesDrop™ which automatically records the remotes. 


OZY Media’s The Carlos Watson Show uses VCC’s Duo™ Workflow to create thought-provoking content and engage with celebrities, political figures and V.I.P.s around the world. The entrepreneurial host – Carlos Watson – wanted to know if we could offer a solution that allowed him to connect with guests anywhere and be able to record his and his guests’ audio and video ISOs! 

To the OZY team’s delight, VCC had just worked hard to perfect exactly that format- a system that allowed any team to capture perfect, broadcast-quality ISO feed for two or more total contributors. EavesDrop™ is used for automated recording 

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