EavesDropTM: The First Fully-Automated Workflow for Recording Video Calls

EavesDrop begins recording automatically whenever a VCC video call is initiated. With EavesDrop, producers, reporters, and other content creators can conduct two-way interviews with remote collaborators without having to rely on the availability of a control room or crew. There’s no need to trigger a record, and simply no waiting.

EavesDrop provides an automated and efficent process for recording both sides of a video call

Effortless, High-Quality Two-way ISO Recordings

Built into VCC’s endpoint, EavesDrop instantly records a high-quality copy of each side of a VCC remote interview.  In conjunction with VCC Call Manager Pro™, EavesDrop manages lip-sync, return window removal, and adds identifying metadata to make the content easily identifiable.   Compatible with third-party cloud apps such as Latakoo, Eavesdrop can move content directly into an edit system for immediate finishing. With EavesDrop, one person can do it all, without relying on a control room or manual workflow. 

Features Include:

Automated ISO Record – Recordings begin and end instantly with every video call – ensuring a record, and making top and tail easy to find. Saving record space as well as labor.
Return Window Removal – Return window and controls are removed via VCC’s CMP software.
Multiple Recordings – Both the remote participant and the host can be automatically recorded, so that interview questions can be included in the final edit.
Metadata – Filenames automatically include Date, Time and Subject Name to make each EavesDrop record easy to find.
Simple Transfer – EavesDrop is compatible with a wide variety of third-party high-speed transfer apps such as Latakoo, Aspera, Signiant and MASV which can be used to ingest files into edit suites.