EavesDrop®: The First Fully-Automated Workflow for Recording Video Calls

Recordings begin and end instantly with every video call – ensuring a record, and making top and tail easy to find. Saving record space as well as labor.

Return window and controls are removed via VCC’s CMP software.
Multiple Recordings – Both the remote participant and the host can be automatically recorded, so that interview questions can be included in the final edit.

Filenames automatically include Date, Time and Subject Name to make each EavesDrop record easy to find.

EavesDrop is compatible with a wide variety of third-party high-speed transfer apps such as Latakoo, Aspera, Signiant and MASV which can be used to ingest files into edit suites.

EavesDrop® begins recording automatically whenever a VCC video call is initiated. With EavesDrop, producers, reporters, and other content creators can conduct two-way interviews with remote collaborators without having to rely on the availability of a control room or crew. There’s no need to trigger a record, and no waiting!

Effortless, High-Quality Two-way ISO Recordings

Built into VCC’s endpoint, EavesDrop instantly records a high-quality copy of each side of a VCC remote interview.  In conjunction with VCC Call Manager Pro™, EavesDrop manages lip-sync, return window removal, and adds identifying metadata to make the content easily identifiable. Compatible with third-party cloud apps such as Latakoo, EavesDrop can move content directly into an edit system for immediate finishing. With EavesDrop, one person can do it all, without relying on a control room or manual workflow.

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