TLC Find Love Live & VCC Caller Cloud™

TLC adds new series to late night lineup: dating series Find Love Live  

The show aims to help single people find their future partner from the comfort of their couch. Originally scheduled to premiere earlier this month by utilizing a traditional production crew, “Find Love Live” will now air as a remote production beginning May 10 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.
Each episode consists of two virtual singletons and at least three virtual suitors, trying to win over affection from the surprisingly unlimited confines of their own home.

Find Love Live airs live 11pm ET Monday nights on TLC

Being no stranger to creative risk, TLC sought a way to add even higher stakes to a live, all-virtual dating show. As if the suitors weren't nervous enough, TLC makes the competition even hotter by adding live, random daters into the mix part of the way through the show. Using VCC's Caller Queue, TLC invites the audience to register to join the show in real time if they, too, want to pursue the singleton.
Unfortunately for the suitors who have been pouring their virtual hearts out, the surprise dater often wins over the singleton's affection.

After the success of the inaugural three episodes, TLC orders an additional 10 and switches the program from Sunday night's lineup to Monday.