Five Questions If You Run A News Operation

Ask yourself these five questions...

1.    Do you want to enable your major reporters to be available for a live video report in ten seconds from when they get a story, wherever they are in the world, and with no crew?

2.    Do you want to enable your producers in house to connect with experts in seconds, wherever they are in the world, for video appearances in live shows right now, or recorded inserts for broader pieces?

3.    Do you want your reporters in the field in one location to be able to interview subjects at another, both seeing each other, and both without crews, for live shows right now or packages?

4.    Do you want to give your shows live video access to on-site accounts of breaking news by citizen journalists, carefully screened by your desk producers before going to your production control room for two-way Q&A with your talent?

5.    Do you want to open up new dayparts on your air or web shows on Facebook Live with live programs based on video callers—reporters, experts, personalities, and viewers—without having to staff a conventional control room?


If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you need to talk with the experts at The Video Call Center.   Products and services that get your people on the air fast, and build shows efficiently.