Experts in Live Caller Television & Remotes by Smartphone

Smartphones are Changing the World

The Video Call Center’s software toolkit ties the world’s 4 billion smartphones, laptops and iPads into live TV shows for broadcast, cable, the web and Facebook Live.

Patented technology enables reliable call acquisition from almost any device using IP video applications already present  to create compelling live television from virtually anywhere.  Coupled with proprietary workflow, VCC permits our clients to create live television with an unlimited number of callers, call producing and host automated production without a TV control room at a fraction the cost of other approaches.

Today’s television programmers need to find innovative approaches to interact with their audiences.   At the same time,  viewers increasingly want their opinions to be part of the story.  The VCC’s tools leverage the growing power of smartphones to put reporters, experts, stars and regular audience members on the air – with the editorial controls and quality that professional producers expect.


“…our data confirms that those networks that can successfully pivot to an increasing blend of live content have the potential to out-perform those that can’t.”

— Moffett-Nathanson Research, February 2018

We’ve Learned the Hard Way, So You Don’t Need To

Some VCC Statistics

Experience: Hundreds of live programs, thousands of callers — makes The Video Call Center the expert in live video caller television.

On air, on the web, VCC’s team has learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

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Introducing Caller Television

The VCC has been hard at work developing a suite of tools to permit program producers to marry the benefits of video over IP so viewers, experts and celebrities can participate in live and live to tape programming.

The audience wants to be part of the program.  Whether it is reporters on assignment, experts from their offices, celebrities from their own homes or viewers – The VCC provides the prioritization and editorial control to permit these callers to get on-air via their smartphones and lap-tops.

Tools to Engage Audiences

VCC’s suite of tools are being used to create hundreds of hours of programming,
incorporating thousands of live callers including stars, experts and audience members from all over the world to make the shows engaging, fun and very, very interactive. This enables programmers to create an open conversation with their audience while maintaining editorial control, high quality and limiting costs. The result is a new genre of video caller talk television, that supports breaking news, political specials, game shows and more. All with no additional cost for remote content acquisition. Working with virtually any Video over IP application, viewers, experts, reporters and stars can all participate with their smartphones and computers from wherever they are to create what we’ve dubbed “Participatory Television.”

Match your Requirements

The VCC suite of tools are available in a number of ways to match your business and program

  • Program Incubator Services
  • Call Screening as a Service, with low-latency connection to your control room or studio.
  • Complete Production Services or co-production through our NY based incubator.
  • Software purchase and licensing to put the tools in your facility.

Optimized Workflow for Caller Television

The Video Call Center has extensive experience in Video Caller Television and has developed a suite of tools to support the new genre. Whether used from our NY-based incubator, or installed in a customer’s facility, these systems enable producers to screen and air dozens of live smart-phone callers efficiently and safely.

Traditional Control Room or Host Controlled

The VCC’s systems can be connected to an existing production control room, or controlled by a program’s host without a control room.   The host is empowered by a state of the art automated “brain” call HAT (Host Automation Tool) which switches the show on their behalf, leaving them free to focus on content.

Remotes by Smartphone

The VCC believes that everyone is walking around with the worlds best ENG devices already in their pockets.  Smartphones contain high-quality cameras, fast processors and connectivity to permit high-quality remotes from anywhere.   The VCC provides tools and services to increase the performance from these devices providing new options for production teams.

Our clients speak for themselves

  • I truly appreciate the efforts of your team all summer long, the show was successful in part to the efforts and tremendous cooperation of your team. The VCC team was wonderful throughout! We’ve had so much great feedback from our Production group about how great the team was to work with. I look forward to continuing our relationship.

    Gerard Passaro, SVP Network & Technical Operations MSG Networks
  • "We were blown away by VCC's capabilities." "A true game-changer"

    Jason Walsh, Executive Producer Fox Sports Southwest
  • “The Chatting Cage has been on in various forms for several years... The VCC platform along with the helpfulness and experience of their call production team has made this the best iteration yet. The result is a completely unique opportunity to grow the connection between MLB and its fans.”

    Chris Lundberg, Senior Coordinating Producer for
  • “[VCC's] reliable IP video call technology means hosts and cast members can stay in the moment for an extended period regardless of location, which allows them to really open up without technology distractions getting in the way. With VCC we’re now able to do shows that were impossible in the past due to cost and logistics. It has been a great, collaborative experience and we look forward to what’s next.”

    Mike Granowsky, VP of Post Production Sharp Entertainment
  • "I think it is very telling that VCC has become such an integrated part of the [Daily Blast Live] workflow that the talent are calling out the technology is a key component of their content strategy. They also attested to the fact that VCC was far better than any of the competitors."

    Ed Busby, SVP Strategy TEGNA
  • "Every content provider has been trying to crack the code in developing social media based, formatted programs.... the VCC has developed the technology and the specialized production expertise to break through with that programming.”

    Joe Townley, COO, MY Entertainment MY Entertainmnt
  • The VCC solution fades into the background during production, keeping the cast’s focus on content and not technology. The result is a uniquely immersive experience that allows for the extended conversation needed to allow the most riveting content to emerge naturally

    Matt Sharp, CEO and Founder, Sharp Entertainment Sharp Entertainment
  • We had the challenge of our cast being across the globe and the VCC provided us with a great solution. The reliability of the VCC enables cast members to be fully engaged without the technical disruptions that are so common when video calls appear on TV. We were impressed by the VCC’s quality and professionalism

    Scott Lewers, SVP, Multi-platform Programming & Digital Content, TLC TLC

Samples of content we helped to create


Kirk Gibson Fox Sports Network

Kirk Gibson Fox Sports Network

Daily Blast Live

Daily Blast Live

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

TLC 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Celebrities on the VCC

Celebrities on the VCC

The Tea

The Tea

BYOV Post Debate Show

BYOV Post Debate Show

To see our complete library, click here. For a complete list of shows & topics, click here.

How does it work?

Caller reach VCC’s Caller Queue, a green-room in the cloud for callers.  Producers have visibility of who is waiting and can prioritize participants for air.

A central database keeps track of the callers and provides information to the production team before the callers reach air.  Ratings systems permit high-quality repeat callers, reporters or designated experts to be prioritized. 

Our editorial call producers are experts in managing amateurs from thousands of miles away to producing attractive high-quality remotes with their own devices.  Security systems ensures that uncleared callers can never be seen or heard on air and permits anyone on the team to rapidly remove a caller who may not be behaving according to program requirements.

All of the systems can be connected to existing control room facilities, or set up with very small teams so that the Host can control the show from their own station.  The automation tools permit the host to keep their eye on the camera and their brain on the content, while the details are handled by a state-of-the-art contextually aware “brain” to keep the program visually interesting. 

The host can be located in studio, or remoted to anywhere with a good quality IP connection, even their own home.



The Video Call Center has a suite of tools to enable live Video Callers to be received, aggregated, editorially screened and prepared for air.  The tools can be used individually or as a group to create a complete end-to-end workflow.

The tools work with commonly available Video-Over-IP Chat software such as FaceTime, Skype, Gruveo, Messenger, ooVoo, Viber and others, so that the Producer may choose the ones that work best for the show.