Intro to Caller TV

Introduction to Caller Television

The VCC has been hard at work developing a suite of tools to permit program producers to marry the benefits of video over IP so viewers, experts and celebrities can participate in live and live to tape programming.

The audience wants to be part of the program.  Whether it is reporters on assignment, experts from their offices, celebrities from their own homes or viewers – The VCC provides the prioritization and editorial control to permit these callers to get on-air via their smartphones and lap-tops.

Tools to Engage Audience

VCC’s suite of tools are being used to create hundreds of hours of programming,
incorporating thousands of live callers including stars, experts and audience members from all over the world to make the shows engaging, fun and very, very interactive. This enables programmers to create an open conversation with their audience while maintaining editorial control, high quality and limiting costs. The result is a new genre of video caller talk television, that supports breaking news, political specials, game shows and more. All with no additional cost for remote content acquisition. Working with virtually any Video over IP application, viewers, experts, reporters and stars can all participate with their smartphones and computers from wherever they are to create what we’ve dubbed “Participatory Television.”

Match Your Requirements

The VCC suite of tools are available in a number of ways to match your business and program

Program Incubator Services
Call Screening as a Service, with low-latency connection to your control room or studio.
Complete Production Services or co-production through our NY based incubator.
Software purchase and licensing to put the tools in your facility.

Optimized Workflow for Caller Television

The Video Call Center has extensive experience in Video Caller Television and has developed a suite of tools to support the new genre. Whether used from our NY-based incubator, or installed in a customer’s facility, these systems enable producers to screen and air dozens of live smart-phone callers efficiently and safely.

Traditional Control Room or Host Controlled

The VCC’s systems can be connected to an existing production control room, or controlled by a program’s host without a control room.   The host is empowered by a state of the art automated “brain” call HAT (Host Automation Tool) which switches the show on their behalf, leaving them free to focus on content.

Remotes by Smartphone

The VCC believes that everyone is walking around with the worlds best ENG devices already in their pockets.  Smartphones contain high-quality cameras, fast processors and connectivity to permit high-quality remotes from anywhere.   The VCC provides tools and services to increase the performance from these devices providing new options for production teams.