John Basedow at the co-host?

Last night on OMGOSS!P, host Jeremy Hassell was joined in the VCC studio by OMGOSS!P regular John Basedow. Basedow held down the co-host chair with his regular one-line zingers and had our staff, callers and viewers rolling in delight. Among his many one liners last night, Basedown taught us a new acronym, TT, which means ‘too through.’ When you are just fed up and ‘can’t take it no more’, you are TT.

While he was here, Basedow took it upon himself to lift up our staff. No really, he picked us up. 

As a man who loves to be ahead of the curve, Basedow gave our host controls (HAT) a whirl. Before we could even get the words out to tell him how it works, Basedow was bringing in callers and asking “hey, how do I pull up a three caller shot?” There are no baby steps with fitness master John Basedow. We’re honestly a little surprised he didn’t take over the host control mid-show. 

What would a Basedow visit be without the famous point? Before leaving, Basedow took a picture with our team and he gave his famous stoic look and really-personal-feeling point. John Basedow wants YOU… to call into OMGOSS!P. 

Uncle Basedow, please come back and visit soon!