The MSNBC Vaccinating America Townhall & StageDoor®

MSNBC committed to hosting a critical, live one-hour national Town Hall, "Vaccinating America,” featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci, Xavier Becerra, Vivek Murphy, Kizzmekia Corbett and the White House Covid team in a theater in Washington, D.C. The challenge: how to create a virtual national audience that appeared as if they were in the auditorium, but were on individual monitors as they watched, asked questions, and reacted in real-time along with in-person audience members. And, of course, with top-notch video and audio quality while given very short notice about the town hall.

VCC leveraged its StageDoor® solution which enables remote contributors to join a live broadcast with just one click and in as little as 12 seconds to the first video. StageDoor supports creative remote production solutions that result in highly engaging programs and content. VCC’s production team also used its prior experience for similar high-profile broadcast challenges managing live video remotes for the first-ever virtual NFL draft, NBA TV’s Center Court, and hundreds of contributors from around the globe for Discovery, FS1 and more.
The Town Hall production went off without a hitch. You could even see the remote guests individually raise their hands to ask a question. One of them was chosen and a dialogue ensued with the panelists as if she were sitting right there with them!

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