You never know where news is going to break, and you cannot put crews everywhere, but there are 5 billion smartphones in the world – so let the story come to you. Whether it’s a protest in Texas or a super typhoon in Taiwan, you can now get to the story wherever it is breaking.

The VCC provides you the options and accessibility you need, with no incremental satellite or bandwidth costs, while providing maximum editorial control.

The VCC lets you aggregate and connect video callers and experts from all over the world directly into your existing control rooms, or to produce new forms of news programming without a control room at all.

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Reduce the hurdles to bringing key guests onto a program by alleviating the need to travel, have specialty equipment, or a Skype (or similar) account. VCC’s Caller Cloud™ service allows talent & producers to access the most relevant and high caliber contributors, while requiring only the contributor’s time and very minimal effort.

Connect with your correspondents, wherever they are while the story is underway. The Video Call Center expands your access and your options. Interact live with your feel-good story of the week, a witness to the breaking news while on site, or fans celebrating in the goal scorer’s home town – you can now be there – at no incremental cost. By leveraging laptops and smartphones to bring in your remotes, you can expand your coverage outside of the studio and your reporters location.

Why replay last year’s game? Excite your audience by making them part of the event. Audience participation has been the heart of Sports talk-radio for years – now the same excitement and conversation can be added to your broadcast by bringing Fans in after the game. Pair them with your host or reporter, expert or player calling in from the road to keep the debate lively and extend your revenue.

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