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2020 Voter Engagement: Virtual Town Halls

2020 PRIMARIES–A PRACTICAL EXAMPLE:   A primary Candidate’s physical presence must focus on Iowa and New Hampshire, but she/he also must build an active presence in the Super Tuesday states. VCC can help do that through the daily-drumbeat of a “rolling virtual town hall”, letting the Candidate every day deliver web and broadcast content from her/his physical location that particular day, but engaging with voters in the upcoming states through VCC’s video caller production systems. 

Besides engaging with distant voters and setting the Candidate’s agenda for the day (live shows are always available to the press), after each live show, clips can be pulled and FTP’d to television outlets distant from the campaign that day, as in “Candidate X took time out of her Iowa campaign today to talk about gun policy with local Charlotte (NC) resident Jane Jones.”  Other clips can be posted in support of policy positions on the Candidate’s site.

HOW THIS WORKS:  VCC’s advanced technology makes the idea simple—a candidate (anywhere) can talk with voters individually (also anywhere) who are prescreened (from anywhere) resulting in a broadcast-quality video program that can be controlled from anywhere, and delivered to any broadcast, cable, or web platform, including the candidate’s own sites.  In addition to engaging the live video caller/voters, video clips, graphics, opens, closes, and even other web sites can be included live to emphasize the Candidate’s agenda.   VCC’s automated production workflow means no control room is needed.  VCC provides the cloud services, Call Producing expertise, broadcast-hardware switching, and transmission release to give the Candidate’s team total location flexibility anywhere there’s a decent internet connection. 

If desired, callers can be screened remotely by campaign staffs and actually put on air by the Candidate her/himself, thereby increasing the sense of one-to-one engagement (not to mention tech-savvyness).  An audio/video profanity delay is available.

SOCIAL AMPLIFICATION-CALLERS PROMOTE THE CANDIDATE:  Voters watching on the web can hit a “click to call” button to connect with the program and get in line to talk with the Candidate (after screening), and while waiting to talk with the Candidate those same voters are encouraged to tell their own social media followers to watch their upcoming appearance with the Candidate.  VCC provides the virtuous circle to engage voters—watch, click, promote, engage with the Candidate.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS:   On the air daily, the Video Call Center (VCC) helps create live smartphone based audience participation shows with broadcast reliability for organizations like TLC, Discovery, Fox Regional Sports, Major League Baseball, local TV stations, and nationally syndicated programs.  For reference, VCC’s patented and proprietary approaches to video remote production have been used for over 6000 video calls and some 700 program episodes on broadcast, cable, and the web.

  • Virtual Town Halls
  • Interact with Constituents
  • Create Drumbeat of Support
  • Expand Media Coverage
  • Social Amplification
  • Location Independence
  • Broadcast Quality without Control Room
VCC’s Remote Host system permits Candidates to interact with their constituents from anywhere