Stay ahead of the changing world of television

Your audience wants to be on TV. You want to improve engagement, expand your audience and grow ratings. The Video Call Center combines these desires to power your programming with live audience interaction leveraging commonly available IP video call solutions. The VCC provides production tools to provide the editorial control and messaging you need, while permitting your team to bring the best possible callers on the air.

Caller Queue

Television broadcasters and programmers understand the value of using FaceTime, Skype and similar technologies to help put experts and analysts on their programs. You can now leverage the same technology to invite virtually unlimited numbers of viewers into your programming to create Video Caller TV.


CAT® (Caller Acquisition Technology) is a toolkit allowing your teams to receive, screen, manage and clear video calls for air and to manage reports or experts connecting by smart-phone.

Producing high-quality programs with non technical personnel has never been easier. HAT control systems simplify the production operation to a few simple instructions, while providing each show with its own unique look and feel.

If hosts can’t make it to a Video Call Center facility, control of the facility can be taken to the host. A television host can run a live broadcast-quality video call-in program from her own living room using our the Remote Host Unit.