Caller Acquisition Technology

Caller Acquisition Technology (CAT®)

CAT® (Caller Acquisition Technology) is a toolkit allowing your teams to receive, screen, manage and clear video calls for air and to manage remote by smart-phone reporters.

CAT Provides Editorial Control
CAT Provides Tools to Manage Video Callers

Features Include:

  • Editorial Tools – Call clearing technology automatically answers calls and ensures only callers who you approved for both content and technical quality are cleared for air. No one can be seen or heard on-air unless they are editorially approved.

  • Metadata – Ensure that everyone on the production team knows each caller’s name, location and what they would like to discuss, in advance.

  • Lower Third – a full-featured CG built into the call system makes identification of each caller easy and matches exactly with your show look.

  • Caller Database – know your caller’s history before you clear them.

  • Any IP Video App – Virtually any Video over IP application can be used. VCC has been tested with Skype, Google Hangouts, Gruveo, ooVoo, Facebook, Facetime and many others**

  • Producer information panel – Track the timing of the show and always know how many callers have been aired and how many are waiting.

  • Instant removal – either the call screeners, or the producer can remove a caller instantly from air, helping to protect your program.

  • Commodity Hardware – Works with off-the shelf hardware.