Host Automation Tool (HAT)

Host Automation Tool (HAT)

The worlds first ever automated control room brain.   

What happens when you take decades of production experience and tie it to state of the art computer programming?  You get the HAT® , a customizable automated Technical Director in a box.   Before the show, production teams establish on air looks, shot selection, box positioning, graphics and pacing, cuts and dissolves.    The HAT then uses contextual information about the number of callers on screen and who is speaking to create a seamless professionally switched television program – completely steered  by the Host, but with minimal input – leaving the host free to focus on the discussion.

We like to say that the HAT is like a self-driving car.  We know where we are going, but the operator can grab the wheel at any time.

With the HAT, production becomes a snap.   Producing high-quality programs with non technical personnel has never been easier.  HAT control systems simplify the production operation to a few simple instructions, while providing each show with its own unique look and feel. HAT Host Automation Tool
 empowers on-air talent, or non-technical editorial team to switch the show with no control room.   Transform your talent to a symphony conductor.  Leveraging a control panel featuring Never Look DownTM technology and a touch screen, your on-air host or can control the show while maintaining eye contact with the camera and focusing on the content.

Compare Staffing


Control Room
Host  YES   YES
Producer  YES   YES
Assoc Prod 1   YES   YES
Assoc Prod 2  YES  –
Director   YES  –
AD   YES  –
TD   YES  –
Audio   YES  –
Graphics YES
Floor Manager/A2 YES
Transmission Op YES




Features Include:

  • Simple Operation – Engaging one or more callers can be done with a single button push, while having a sophisticated look on the air. Aural IFB feedback to the operator provides re-assurance of the operation.


  • Auto-Pilot – The contextually-aware auto-pilot is pre-programmed by your team with the pacing and look you desire. Like a self-driving car, the operator tells the system where to go, but can grab the wheel at any moment to make a change.


  • Instinctive Operation – HAT® lets the host select callers, graphics and videos, and to instantly change to their desired shots. Our Never Look DownTM technology ensures the host maintains eye contact with the cameras. All with no control room. Graphics Touch – Your production team can load an unlimited number of graphics and videos which can be instantly aired by the talent or operator through the touch-screen interface. Live Web


  • Content – A live web interface from the producer’s computer permits last minute web pages or videos to be included.


  • Protection – Unscreened callers can never be aired accidentally.


  • Show Creator Software – Graphic backgrounds, lower-thirds, open & close, on-screen box positions, framing styles, colors, shot timing and transitions can be customized for each show. These are easily created by pre-production teams using web-based tools.


  • Optional Remote Host & Producer – The show host and their producer are no longer constrained to the studio. A show can be originated from anywhere via an IP connection. The host’s control system and monitoring can be located in the talent’s own basement or study, making late-night or weekend shows practical and economical.  Read more.