Remote Host

If hosts can’t make it to a Video Call Center facility, control of the facility can be taken to the host. A television host can run a live broadcast-quality video call-in program from her own living room using our the Remote Host Unit, and control the same programs exactly as they could be controlled from the VCC studio. The host has access to control the editorially screened calls, stills, and video clips with, HD video output. And there is still no control room anywhere in the system.

Talk radio hosts have run shows from their homes for years, and now TV hosts can too, using the advanced technology of The Video Call Center.

The Remote Host Unit has been successfully utilized for more than thirty programs from a number of locations including professional television production facilities and consumer locations (think Host’s homes) connected through standard internet services.   


The Remote Host technology has been reduced to a simple laptop, x-keys and touch screen (for media). Easily stored in a backpack, this can be used by anyone, anywhere with internet or 4G connection. We’ve heard of “staying connected on the go”, but have you ever heard of “hosting a television show on the go”? The future is here and it is different.