Remote Host on Laptop

I am very excited to announce that our tech team has met yet another huge milestone.  Our remote host system can now control a full production from just about anywhere, on just about any laptop.    We can now retrofit a customer’s laptop with a high-definition camera, custom control panel, a touch screen, a tally light, and of course our HAT software to permit control anywhere.  You add internet access, lighting, mic and headset – and you have an almost instant  full host position.   

The host can then not only select the callers on the show, but can roll opens and closes, bumpers, videos and still graphics, and perform all of the functions normally reserved for the broadcast host position.    Tally and our patented pre-tally system are all enabled, along with a heads up display showing the host all 8 callers, their topic information, program and the HAT automation system.

Our initial tests have been completed and I am pleased that the system passed it’s tests with flying colors.   Cannot wait to show it to our customers!