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Produce Programs from Anywhere  Remote Host

Blow up the control room. Producer, Host, call screening & transmission can all be done remotely, or even remotely from each other. Tools permit teams to work together, even if thousands of miles apart. Communications, monitoring and caller coordination all enabled by the VCC.

A Fully Virtual Production. Today’s fast-moving economy requires programmers to create shows more creatively. The VCC’s HAT® systems offer a variety of remote options, permitting live programming to be created from anywhere an IP connection can be established. This can be from a studio, host’s home-study, office or even on a boat.


Host-driven show control from anywhere. This economical version perfect for web & broadcast, includes HAT® Automation, graphics touch screen, web camera, tally, microphone, IFB and cough switch functions, allowing for the same production value and comms as an in-studio host would have.


A remote host setup can be drastically enhanced with the right accessories. Yes- a bedazzled headband never hurts, but computer accessories are particularly helpful. High quality webcams or even professional broadcast cameras can be used to enhance video quality, while external microphones and IFB allow for crisp audio. Teleprompter capabilities can be extended to remote hosts, as well.


Remote Producer: A producer can manage the Caller Queue™, time show, monitor signals and communicate with team from anywhere with a stable IP connection. Additionally, the producer can roll graphics and even switch the entire program on behalf of the host. Producer and host can be co-located or located independently of one another.

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