Remote Production Solutions

High-quality video remote IP production into traditional control rooms. Every remote receives a real-time return video signal, and mix/minus IFB audio return. For 90 Day Fiancé, many of these feeds are from difficult locations, and can sometimes be up for 14 hours at a time, all while ISO recording. VCC makes this easy for guests with nothing to download, as easy as clicking on a link.

The first cloud-controlled management system for live IP-based remotes. AirFirst™ provides producers with do-it-yourself superior quality, lag-free on-demand workflows for high-speed, high-volume control of live remote contributors anywhere in the world.

CrowdView™ brings the show to viewers while bringing their real-time watch-along video feed to the studio. Paired with either VCC’s Caller Queue or StageDoor products, producers can invite anyone, anywhere to be a part of a live virtual audience. Any fan base spans well outside of the immediate location of a show studio. Now, audiences can reflect that remotely.

Pre-Taped, location-free, high-quality remotes by smartphone: VCC marries a single caller-cloud end-point with zoom taking the place of the control room. Production teams get to work from everywhere while seeing, talking and playing material for their talent to react to. Editors get the high-quality raw ISO recording they need.

Pre-Taped, location-free two ways. VCC utilizes our Caller Cloud service with hosted technology to permit producers to create 2-way recordings from remote participants, without a control room. Eavesdrop recordings can deliver the content directly to edit rooms. Hosts & celebrities, hosts & fans, in any combination. Think of it as a broadcast-quality FaceTime chat with ISO recordings and producer monitoring.

Audience aggregation & filtering. Cloud-based audience aggregation and filtering tool permits producers to invite audience participation, yet maintain control over who gets on the air. Use with client control room through Caller Cloud, as a stand-alone service with VCC’s 2-Way, or HAT platforms. Caller Queue’s Social Amplification Engine helps to convert fans to participants, and promoters.

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