The Video Call Center. Experts in Caller Television

New to Video-Caller Television? Utilize VCC’s Content Incubator to get started. The Video Call Center has nurtured hundreds of programs through our NY facility dedicate to the genre of participatory caller television. Combining the power of smart-phones and video over IP to make programming truly interactive. Our facilities, production teams and solutions allow our customers to rapidly pilot and test new concepts in our facility.

Incubator Services:

Call Screening as a Service

Add VCC’s video-call answering and screening services to your existing production or facilities. Our teams are expert in assisting you to attract callers. When the program goes live these teams answer and screen the calls. First filtering from among large groups of live callers, then ensuring that only the personalities you desire are seen on your air.

Green-Room in the Cloud

Caller QueueTM is a show-branded waiting area for callers wishing to get on-air. Supporting a virtually unlimited number of callers, the system provides producers the visibility to know who is waiting, what they are interested in talking about and prioritize the people and subjects they want on the air.

Studio Services
Our New York studio is specially designed for interactive, live viewer call-in production. Whether you are producing a concept show, testing an idea, or looking for to produce a regular, daily show, we can help you execute your vision. The studio is available for proprietary work as well as co-production. 
Your hosts can be located virtually anywhere with our Remote host option.

Show Design Assistance

VCC’s team of experienced producers, designers and editors can supplement your teams to create a unique look and feel for your show. Training services are available for: producing, call screening, host automation and system maintenance.



Ready To Go Programming

VCC has tested, ready-to go live caller programming in one hundred categories. Whether it’s repurposing one of our OTT shows, or a show-in-a-box where you just add your own host, VCC can help you enter this new genre quickly and effectively.



Web-based Profanity Delay

The VCC offers cost-effective  profanity protection for web programming. Usable for any platform including Facebook Live & Youtube, BleepIT has been integrated into the VCC’s production workflow to provide professional level protection at Web costs.