Caller Cloud® for News

Call Producing as a Service

“I think it is very telling that VCC has become such an integrated part of the [Daily Blast Live] workflow that the talent are calling out the technology is a key component of their content strategy. They also attested to the fact that VCC was far better than any of the competitors.”

– Ed Busby, VP Strategy, TEGNA

Good Morning Cincinnati expands reach for features & breaking news with live video calls through the VCC.

9:41AM Thursday, September 6th 2018.  An active shooter situation is happening downtown in Cincinnati.  WKRC Reporter Meghan Mongillo is several blocks away, her camera crew is on a different assignment and will not arrive for 20 minutes. 
VCC Call Producer Jonni-Lynn Galietti connects with Megahan via her cell phone while she races on foot to the scene. 

The VCC’s facilities can be used to add live-video call-in capacity to existing facilities and traditional control room workflows for use in News or Informational programming.

Our teams are experts in connecting with contributors, from wherever they are,  working with the devices they have on hand to bring you the best picture and audio available.    Your hard-to-get contributors become accessible for live programming thanks to a combination of proprietary software, which makes our calls  more reliable, and advanced screener techniques in video call optimization. This mixture of software & process reduces our call drop rate to under 1%, compared to the industry standard of 40%, resulting in a 99.3% call retention rate. 

In addition to the higher reliability, each contributor receives a super-low latency video return feed and audio mix-minus, making interaction with the studio talent seamless.


VCC’s Caller Cloud makes anyone, from almost anywhere a live contributor