The Video Call Center Solution

Whether you are a producer looking to engage in Live Sports Coverage, Breaking News or extend reach and audience for Entertainment Programming, The VCC has a solution for you.

Your Playing Field Expands to Cover the Whole World

Whether it’s enhancing your pre-game show by tapping fan’s anticipation, bringing in experts or player’s friends during the game, extending or enhancing the post-game show – or tapping the energy of fantasy league players, The Video Call Center can extend your reach.

Gain Access Wherever the Story is

Remotes by Smartphone provide Options and Accessibility. You never know where news is going to break, and you cannot put crews everywhere, but there are 3.2 billion smartphones in the world – so let the story come to you. 


The VCC Empowering Entertainment

The VCC can be used to supplement or totally power your entertainment content. From Live Q&A’s with viewers, to bringing cast in from overseas, the VCC’s immediacy and reliability allow the drama and excitement to be tense, as the technology fades to the background and personalities shine.