Remotes by Smartphone provide Options and Accessibility

Gain Access Wherever the Story is

You never know where news is going to break, and you cannot put crews everywhere, but there are 3.2 billion smartphones in the world – so let the story come to you.  Whether it’s a protest with a sniper in Texas or a super Typhoon in Taiwan, you can now get to the story wherever it is breaking.   The Video Call Center provides you the options and accessibility you need, with no incremental satellite or bandwidth costs, while providing the editorial control you require.  

The VCC let’s you aggregate and connect video callers and experts from all over the world directly into your existing control rooms, or to produce new forms of news programming  without a control room at all.


Balance of Power, You Make the Call

Following the Republican Presidential Debate in Denver, KTVD invited audience members and just plain Coloradians to join the conversation.  Hosted and controlled entirely by Kyle Clark without a control room or crew.

Theater Trial TalkCenterAmerica on KUSA

Diane Dimond hosted the Theater Trial series from the VCC studio in New York. KUSA aired the 21-day series on their airwaves in Denver, CO. The live Video-Call-In coverage of the James Holmes trial featured a variety of experts, reporters and viewers, all of whom jumped at the opportunity to be featured on the air. 

Five Questions If You Run A News Organization

Remotes by Smartphone

Bring experts or eye witnesses into the action through their smart phones.   VCC Technology makes it easy to aggregate sources, screen the callers for authenticity, identify them within the production process and select them for air. Levering the power of IP, an infinite number of remotes can be gathered without paying for satellite or bandwidth costs.

Two-way real-time conversations with the remotes are now possible because delay is significantly lower than for satellite or bonded-cellular solutions.

This system is made for Television Producers, by Television Producers.   Every caller gets a mixed-minus IFB and broadcast quality font creation to ensure professional results.

Experts and Correspondents Easily Accessible

Now you can now reach out to your experts wherever they are when the story is breaking.   The Video Call Center expands your access and your options.   Whether it’s an expert geologist from his office, a doctor who treated a victim, a relative of a military hero, or political pundants theorizing on the latest speech – you can now be there – at no incremental cost – and even while the contributor is moving.   Expand your coverage to anywhere by leveraging laptops and smartphones to bring in your remotes. 



Expand those Underserved Timeslots

Why run infomercials during quiet hours?  Excite audience by making them part of the story in those early morning or weekend hours.   Audience participation has been the heart of News talk-radio for years – now the same excitement and conversation can be added to your broadcast by bringing callers in anytime.  Pair them with a host from your studio or his/her own home to keep the debate lively and extend your revenue.

Bring Opinions into the Open

You can now tap audience opinions on topics from business to zika, politics to weather.  Callers can join from their homes, offices or cars.  VCC permits you to filter and rate callers to keep the discussion lively and consistent.

Consolidate and Air Live Social Media Video Feeds

Periscope, Facebook Live and (soon) You Tube are being used by citizen journalists to capture events as they happen.  The VCC’s systems permit you to aggregate these feeds and choose the right live feed for your air. 
The same systems used to capture citizen callers can be used to cull the large number of live feeds being posted on social media.  Select from 8 concurrent feeds, or display all 8 on your air.