Fan Engagement will Expand Your Reach

Your Playing Field Expands to Cover the Whole World

Whether it’s enhancing your pre-game show by tapping fan’s anticipation, bringing in experts or player’s friends during the game, extending or enhancing the post-game show – or tapping the energy of fantasy league players, The Video Call Center can extend your reach.

Now you can harness the power of 3.1 billion Smartphones to your programs, permitting you to extend your coverage area from beyond the playing field to the entire planet.   The VCC let’s you aggregate and connect players, experts and fans from all over the world directly into your existing control rooms, or to produce new forms of fan-engaging shows with minimal staff and no control room at all.


Broncos Tonight You Make The Call.

Preseason Series produced by KUSA aired in fringe and was hosted by Drew Soicher.   
5 preseason episodes plus 1 a week before the Superbowl.  For the last show, more than 60 Fans called in, 24 of them were seen on-air.

The Handoff

Fantasy Football leagues video call in to our studio to talk trash, stats and place non-monetary wagers with sports anchor Jamie Stuart.

TailGate America

Saturday is game day in college football. Die hard fans from universities across the country video call in to our studios to show case their game day traditions and cheer for their teams. 

Pregame Tail-Gate Show

Let your fans tell the story by bringing them into the pre-game show. Capture excitement & anticipation of fans as they perform pre-game rituals, display team colors and share analysis of what to expect – All live broadcasted from your fan’s device, from wherever in the world they are.

Experts and Correspondents During the Game

Connect with leading influencers and experts, wherever they are while the play is underway. The Video Call Center expands your access and your options.   Chat with  an expert statistician from his office, a doctor who treated a similar injury to one on the pitch,  a relative of a successful player, or fans celebrating in the goal scorer’s home town – you can now be there – at no incremental cost.   Expand your coverage outside the playing field by leveraging laptops and smartphones to bring in your remotes. 



Enhance and Extend Post Game Show

Why replay last year’s game?  Excite audience by making them part of the post-game show.   Audience participation has been the heart of Sports talk-radio for years – now the same excitement and conversation can be added to your broadcast by bringing Fans in after the game.  Pair them with a manager, expert or player calling in from the road to keep the debate lively and extend your revenue.

Bring Fantasy/e-Sports into the Open

Bridge the gap for Fantasy players, e-athletes and their fans.  Bring those top players onto your airwaves and let their stories be heard by the vastly expanding markets that follow them to create new opportunities to expand your reach and to examine details of the game.

White Paper: KUSA The Broncos, You Make the Call

In August 2015, Denver’s KUSA, a TEGNA Media (NYSE:TGNA) station, began a series of five ground- breaking pre-season programs designed to engage fans and create new opportunities for direct interaction with audiences.

View the entire White Paper below. 

VCC Broncos Tonight White Paper