Tenaciti™ Enhancing Remotes for VIP’s

The Video Call Center’s Tenaciti™ works in tandem with StageDoor– a one-click solution for VIP guests to join a production. The guest simply clicks on a link, and the Tenaciti diagnostic software immediately evaluates the connection and allows producers to make rapid, behind-the-scenes decisions to further optimize the remote if necessary.

One-click, and StageDoor+ Tenaciti does the rest- identifying the guest’s device, video stability, and bandwidth availability.
The data analysis from Tenaciti automatically provides your team with information to improve any guest’s remote connection. Tenaciti™ speeds up any troubleshooting- whether that’s switching apps, devices, or finding a new connection.

Tenaciti™ enhances VCC’s StageDoor:

Quickly access VIPs wherever they are via a simple URL
Simplify the process – no software downloads. Works with every device.
VIPs appreciate the ease and immediate connection
Instantly provides Call Producers with connection options that will work on VIPs device
Works with all VCC-supported apps including native apps like FaceTime, webRTC apps including Gruevo and Jitsi and other apps such as Skype.

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