The Steve Wilkos Show & VCC Caller Cloud™

A brand new show collaborating with OZY Media is brought to fruition with Stagedoor™ VIP Guests 

Carlos Watson is an enigmatic and interesting host that delves into a variety of topics with big names on his talk show. After a VCC employee had set up someone affiliated with OZY media for an interview on another network, they loved the experience and wanted to know more. Within two weeks, The Carlos Watson Show and VCC began working together to bring exciting guests live into the OZY media studio.

OZY media creatives were concerned at first about having any additional steps for their VIP guests and have been thrilled to experience the ease with which all of their guests can connect with VCC's no-latency connections.
The team at The Carlos Watson Show now sends personal invitations via the VCC's StageDoor when they book an exciting interview for Carlos. The VCC is proud to be a part of an exciting new chapter in the OZY media story!