The Steve Wilkos Show
Caller Cloud®

The Steve Wilkos Show have been thrilled to experience the ease with which all of their guests can connect with VCC's no-latency connections for an effortless interaction.

Caller Cloud® provides a reliable solution for booking virtual guests that offers the highest-quality audio/video while dramatically reducing travel costs and environmental impact.

VCC Extends Reach of Shows with a Cost-Effective, Green Solution that Easily Brings Live Guests and Virtual Audiences to Air.

Stamford Media Center’s Vice President and General Manager, Vinnie Fusco, said, “re-signing our agreement with VCC makes perfect sense for the production of our nationally syndicated shows like Maury and The Steve Wilkos Show. We began working with VCC initially at our Stamford Media Center Studios to address pandemic-related production challenges but discovered that VCC’s remote production technology is a cost-effective way to work. As we continue to produce our shows in a safe COVID-compliant manner, VCC gives our producers the tools to book dynamic remote stories that make our shows compelling.”

Video Remotes via VCC:
2021 Season: 104 Remotes
2022 Season: 117 Remotes
Carbon Footprint Saved by Using VCC:​
2021: 63.44 Metric Carbon Tons​
2022: 71.37 Metric Carbon Tons​
Total Saved: 134.8 Metric Carbon Tons

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