The Kelly Clarkson Show & CrowdView™

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 2 Premieres with CrowdView™ Virtual Audience 

Kelly Clarkson loves her loyal fans and the amazing energy they bring to her show. As Kelly and her team began planning for Season 2 of her daytime talk show, they knew operations were going to be impacted by this year’s pandemic. Everyone was open to running it differently than the year before, however the team was determined that different did not equal less. The biggest challenge they faced was how to connect Kelly with her fans live?

Committed to solving their content dilemma, a few creative minds at NBC reached out to The VCC, "We would like to bring dozens of audience members into our studio using virtual monitor seats for every episode. Do you do this?" they asked. The truth was, although VCC had done thousands of IP remotes and already had the Caller Queue for audience selection, we did not have a method to place multiple guests on one screen. To date, our expertise had been in single, broadcast quality remotes, with a one-to-one connection versus many-to-one. Fortunately, we too were just as determined to solve this audience issue that several of our clients had recently spoken to us about. The VCC had a plan. Within weeks, the VCC's CrowdView™ solution was deployed, complete with full editorial control and compatibility with VCC's Caller Queue® and StageDoor® functions.
The team at Kelly now sends personal invitations via the VCC's StageDoor® to select audience members every show. The fans join from all over the country to interact with Kelly along with special guests!

Since launch, Kelly has used the VCC's CrowdView™ platform to connect with 1,800 fans, live in her studio.

2021 Emmy's

Congratulations to our friends at The Kelly Clarkson Show on their recent win of three daytime Emmy’s!

We know it takes a great team to win “Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show”, “Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host” and to top it off with “Outstanding Live and Direct-To-Tape Sound Mixing”  – we’re glad to be part of the team and to have contributed to the show this season.
It has been a privilege to be a part of this journey with you, and VCC looks forward to facilitating the creation of more amazing content in the future together.

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