The Tea

The Tea is a daily strip of Entertainment news produced by and for With a cumulative viewership of over 500K, The Tea made a big splash in the online entertainment news arena.

Throughout its production, The Video Call Center powered the broadcast to put over 300 callers live on air. Host Jeremy Hassell manned the host console (HAT) from Wetpaint headquarters in Manhattan, while the callers were brought in and screened at the VCC headquarters in Palisades, NY. 




Entertainment, News, Gossip, Talk

Technology Used

  • Caller Queue™
  • CAT™
  • HAT™
  • Remote Host Unit
  • Remote Producing 

“Wetpaint thrives on innovating social media. That drive is what makes the Video Call Center an exciting partner as we grow the Wetpaint live programming lineup. The Tea leverages Wetpaint’s celebrity relationships and highly engaged audience of more than 10 million fans to completely flip the script on entertainment TV, putting fans on air, no matter where they are, alongside their favorite bloggers and celebrities.”

– Birame Sock, President & COO, WetPaint