TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé

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The VCC Powers TLC "Tell Alls" with participants from around the globe  

VCC has worked with Sharp Entertainment on over a dozen Tell All's. For the first episode, in fall of 2017, VCC gathered cast members from 5 different continents, connecting them to their significant others in the studio. The long duration (often many hours) stable connections permitted the participants to delve into tense and intimate conversations from opposite sides of the world. Each cast member, regardless of location saw and heard the other cast members with low-latency, high quality signals, throughout the production process.

Unique Content Creates Specific Need 

The nature of Sharp & TLC's 90 Day Fiancé franchise demands that cast be separated by continents during various phases of the visa and citizenship process. This makes the production process of creating long-lasting, high-quality and low-latency remotes both challenging and increasingly important, as it is depended upon to foster intimate conversations between partners & other key relationship figures.

Problems with Traditional Approaches: 

To have a satellite feed up for many hours from each location would be exceedingly expensive and would not provide the return feeds. Cellular Bonding would be less expensive, but would require crews at each location and the latency (delay) between the cast members would hinder their natural conversations. Skype was tested and resulted in terrible quality.

VCC’s Solution: 

VCC provide reliable smartphone and lap-top based single camera remotes with two-way video and mixed minus IFB audios. VCC’s proprietary call-reliability technology and expert call producing enabled day-long availability of individual feeds, ISO recordings and HD-SDI outputs to the Sharp control room.


Outstanding quality, emotional television. Feeds from: Morocco, Philippines, Brazil, France, The Dominican Republic, Spain, Columbia, Lexington, Los Angeles, & Louisville.

Above, watch the intimacy of conversation between in-studio and off-site guests, as announcements are made and fights are happening in real time.

– 5 continents in single program
– 10-14 hour long remotes
– ISO records on every feed
– Connected to Discovery control room

The international argument that started it all.

In the very first VCC-powered 90 Day Tell All, the teams at Sharp, TLC and VCC were blown away by the intensity and authenticity of a fight that broke out between a contributor from Atlanta, GA and a contributor from Paris, France.

The distance between the pair did not lessen the tension. Feeding off each other’s body language and perhaps relishing in the security that the fight could not turn physical, the pair fought, interrupted each other and ultimately resulted in tears.

This changed the philosophical question from “will this type of content work” to “how far can we take this”.

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