Tooning Out The News & VCC CallerCloud™

Tooning Out the News Premieres with CallerCloud™ Virtual Guests 

Premiering in April 2020 and executive produced by Stephen Colbert, "Tooning Out The News" is a new format of political satire that the VCC helps to produce. The Late Night Cartoon's team faced a challenge of connecting their cast members with remote guests, getting studio-quality audio, video, lighting and framing of their interaction and delivering it almost instantly to their remote editing teams for same day air.

VCC created an entirely new configuration and service called "Caller Cloud-SOLO" pairing a hosted endpoint (nothing to buy or install) with a conference system, permitting the cartoon "cast" members and production team to remotely interact with the guest with VCC's usual exceptional quality and white-glove service. Eavesdrop was used for automated recording and delivery of content to the edit room.
High-quality, low latency interaction between remotely connected cast members, guests, and production team, coupled with broadcast-quality recordings automatically delivered directly to edit rooms within minutes of the interview. Late Night Cartoons has renewed the agreement 7 times!